I had the Vegetarian Falafel with garlic sauce and my friend had the spicy sausage Fatira. For both us the filling felt a bit bland and tasted odd. We also had chicken cutlets which tasted nice but were very, very oily.

I Loved the concept, the story behind it, the effort to make the place personal. Thumbs up for that. The food itself was another matter. While the naans were hot, soft and delicious the fillings left us cold.

A good accompaniment with the Fatiras is French fries and a chilled glass of coke which makes your meal complete. Every Fatira is rich in taste and sufficient in quantity and it's all for such a reasonable price.So sit back and enjoy feasting these novel Fatiras.

I love Lebanese food, especially Shwarma's. To my amazement, this new dish I tried at Fatira Flare named the Calzone Fatira was extremely delicious. I rate this place a 10 out of 10.

I was hungry and passing by this place called Fatira Flare so I head in to try something new. I had an awesome experience. I got to eat something so healthy and tasty at the same time. I ate the freshly baked Olive and Za'atar Fatira with french fries and coke. It was a heavenly meal. I would highly recommend.

We went to Goa Portuguesa last week. My family and me were passing by Hinduja Hospital and were deciding on a place to go for lunch. Great decor and food. The Stuffed Papad Crab is outstanding! We enjoyed our food to the fullest. Must try

Amazing is the word for this place. Has been around for a very long time. Have never been to the Mahim one but visited Lokhandwala one for a afternoon buffet. And what an experience it was.

Been there for a birthday celebration. Food is good but not that great. Stuffed Bombil was good.Stuffed crab was ordinary. Vegetarians Dont go for Paneer bali bali. Lamb vindhalo was best and special suggestion it tastes awesome with garlic pav.

Tried two times. The quality and taste is the best. Anyways love it.Very good ambience, Food is not all that great but definitely worth trying, it justify its price.Liked chicken fried rice.

One can choose chapati or bhakri or wade to have your gravy with. I opted for the wade and found it very good. It is similar to a puri and really adds to the taste of the gravy. The chicken rassa (chicken curry) was just about average. The Solkadi was very good. Its quite refreshing and goes well with the food. Overall, I found the place to be good. I would like to come here again to try their other dishes.

We tried the chicken showrma as that was hot & fresh. I must add that for 100 bucks it was pretty good & juicy all the way through. Good show folks.try once.

Upon entering the establishment we were taken back by the sign that read, Cakes in 15 mins. Now, that is superb! To have fresh cakes baked in 15 minites is an amazing task. Maybe next time we head to bandra we will actually try them out.

I especially loved the chocolate eclair and bread from the joint and hopelessly, every time that I go there for a take-away, I land up sitting there and eat whatever that I can manage in the short time I have to spare! Absolutely love and recommend it

I like this bakery for it's fresh food. Almost never ever I have been turned down for a fresh bake if the shelves were scurried vacant by my predecessors at the restaurants.

Amazing,mouth watering Shawarma.I have had Shawarma in dubai and authentic afghani chef and the taste is comparable.Coming to main course,absolute no.Had sizzler,starter all were sour and not yummy at all.2 stars just for Shawarma.

still remember the yummy dinner on weekend. Love the service and hospitality above then that the food was hygiene and amazing in taste. amazing placeee.

Ikobo Sizzlers as hyped by its name and place is not worthy of its being. I had a decided a small party with friends. which turned out to be an embarrassment. The place serves nothing but Burnt food and when you complain for it you are looked down by the waiters and the other staff.

Always heard that they serve one of the best sizzlers in Ahmedabad, thus went but must say it was not so.The food is slightly overpriced and taste is not at all worth the price. They serve more salads in the sizzlers and that too peas instead of actually serving a sizzler.

The ambience is just perfect for anything ranging from family gatherings to a dinner date. Contrary to your perception of a 4 star hotel, the prices are not that exorbitant, especially if you have been to places like The Pride or Ramada. For non-veg. folks, especially sea food lovers, the quality of meat will ensure that you are in paradise. The varieties available for vegetable gravy's are also eye catching.

Situated on Ashram Road, Oriental Wave is nicely setup within St. Laurn with decent Chinese interior. The restaurant does not only serve Chinese, but also great Korean, Thai and Japanese cuisine. The menu consists of a large variety of dishes of all 4 cuisines.