Great place, good mix of people, ideal for a few drinks with your friends in the evening, definitely Bandras coolest new bar.I have just fallen in love with that street because of umpteen options to dine.

Ibar has an excellent location if u stay in bandra. If u are looking for having a fun friday or saturday night, this place is ideal. young crowd (quite crowded), great service, good food, and a superb variety of cocktails and spirits. The service considering the amount of people is quite impressive. There are other bars on the same street, so you can always go hoping from one place to another! the food is a must try

I must admit that the gimmicky concept of using the IPad for ordering was what drew me to this place.
I liked the ambience and the interiors..the music was quite loud and intrusive so I wouldnt recommend going there to have profound conversations.

ordered for some green chicken enchiladas
Freaking good, worth my money, Excellent food .A must visit. Very well prepared dishes with a good variety.good place for chillout.

A good place to stop by for a on the go wraps or rolls. Don't have much to say for this place, its a definitely must try.Wraps are tasty and filling. Prices are good.

Perfect office lunch take out. What you see is what you get, no frills kinda outlet. I love the panner-mayo, chicken-mayo and especially the egg-wraps, they're delicious. Also, you must sample their chicken patty from the side order. Tandoor-ed and perfectly seasoned.

snack a bite awesome food, Have anything its surprisingly awesome, Nice enjoyable food Pastas with three types of sauces, really Ooh LA la, 3 cheers from me.

chikn maharaja pizza was the best..thumbs up for espresso rum martini!
chicken satay wasn't quite appealing and was over cooked but the sauce they served along with it was to die for!!paneer tikka was good but lacks quantity for sea food starters.

Music was missing, AC didnt seem to work,and pathetic service. They took almost 30 mins to get one dish. So good place for couples who want to spend time without anyone bugging them.

Had gone to this place for my b'day treat. We were 5. We started with Manchow soup which was amazing. Next we ordered were the mocktails which were pathetic. Staters,sizzlers and main course was very good.Three Cheese Bake Medley was awesome, worth trying.

Overall a great experience. Service was good . The manager was polite and asked us about our experience. He asked for the suggestions. Still i found the service staff to be a little immatured while they served in our plates. Rest was good. Definitely a dine again venue.

We ordered Chicken maharaja pizza which was not that good since the pizza base was overdone and slightly burnt . We ordered paneer tikka masala which was good and parathas were perfect. Then we ordered a sizzling brownie which was good and the hot chocolate was perfect to its sweet content.

I went to this place with my friends . Ambience is good with perfect lights . We ordered paneer with crackling spinach and chicken tikka . Starters were very good especially the paneer one though i felt chicken tikka could have been better . Then we ordered The food studio signature poulet pasta which was excellent and the portions were satisfying.

nice place located in the oshiwara easily reachable starters are good and so are the drinking seating arrangements gives a kind of privacy so that your group can have a decent hang out time Worth a visit small place but deserves a attention.

As for the food, the cheesy chilli garlic fries were great. My grilled chicken in creamy paprika sauce was also good, the onions were slightly undercooked in them, though. My only issue was the delivery person did not bring adequate change, but he was happy to go out and bring me back my change. Overall a good experience. Have just placed my second order in two days

Since my first experience has been so good I would have no hesitation trying Big Daddy again. I am docking one star only because it does take around an hour for delivery which I feel can be improved upon. Other than that I was a happy customer.

The pizzas are thin crust pizzas which I how I like them. The toppings were substantial enough and you could taste the flavor instead of tasting only the bread like how it is in quite a few pizza outlets. The pizzas (1 10' and 4 7' pizzas) were more than sufficient for two people.

Tried the new buy 1 and get 4 free pizzas offer. I called the outlet and was surprised that the owner himself (Raj) answered the call. He was very courteous on the phone and even though the offer was technically starting in 2 days time he agreed to let me avail of the offer. The pizzas came at the time he had communicated. The pizzas were decently hot but they did benefit from a little reheating.

just lovely, checked on my favorite without cheese spinach pasta, it was hot and yum.thanks to big daddy & its entire team it was worth it, value for the money.

guys it was a wonderfull experience ordering a thin crust pizza to be delivered at office.Within seconds of starting to share the pizza all my pizza had been finished.Thats just shows the guys behind this variety of pizza are really great.