i spent one night at hotel silver bell as this hotel is neat and clean and room which was given to us was also very neat and clean and toilet was also clean and hotel is also not far from sector 17 and this hotel is value for money

hotel garden view is a good hotel. as per its name Hotel Garden View definitely serves as a royal locale for the business and holiday traveler. hotel staff is also very friendly.

hotel venus plaza is a good hotel. it is very neat and clean hotel. such a great hotel to stay if you want peace and calmness around you. even its room are very huge so you feel totally freedom.

for pizza lover dominos pizza is right place its pizza is just awesome. delicious food and i love ordering pizza from dominos its service its faster and cheaper the quantity of cheese is very good.

indian spice is such a great restaurant, indian spice food is also very awesome and tasty Ambiance was just mind blowing and the service was also fine.

A real nice place to hang out with friends. A good open air and casual ambiance with different types of chairs according to your liking. It's relaxing and and gives you the feeling of a chilled out place.

As we got seated, the server offered us two wooden boxes. Unlocking them we found stitched to the inner edge around ten sheets of cloths containing the menu printed on it. The first page consisted of a history of the Navayath people.

If anyone is looking for good vegetarian food in Commercial Street, then this is the place to go. We had been here with our friends and family twice and alone once in the past few months.

Its a good place for even non-vegetarians like me to have veg food. Good service, good ambiance and good food. The naan varieties here are very nice. And almost all the gravies and koftas. But I wouldnt recommend the starters here.

I love the kaati zone at the airport. Easy food to carry with you and filling enough. Always look forward to a kaati roll when I land in Bengaluru.The taste and service is awesome.

The Quality is Good. Very Good.
Issue is Quantity alone. A vada pav - size was half of what I was expecting. Rolls are overpriced quantity wise. Again, I reiterate - Quality is good. But size versus price just doesn't match up.

The Roles are Good. Very Tasty and some of them are spicy as well. The Dessert is Wonderful. The Vada Pav is not upto the mark but needs improvement. Very affordable anytime.

You can choose from maida base or wheat base, egg whites only. The rolls are yum and help you just pick up hassle free food and easy to carry and eat.

A quick bite after a long tiring day at office (it was bang opposite to my office), me and my friend used to hang out in this place for healthy snack which used to end up being our dinner.

Single word Scrumptious Burger and Pizza at realistic Price . Very clean and hygienic dining Space, Friendly Service and No delay in getting the food. I love your foods.

4)Service - Very efficient and helpful staff.
5)Authenticity - I would give it average rating in authenticity. Has a bit of Indian touch. The dishes tasted almost the same (because the base sauce or gravy )
6)Ambiance- Nice , but not very classy. Maybe good for going out with a couple of friends for drinks after office. But definitely not a couple date place.

1) Price - Very pocket friendly.
2) Location - Excellent, just next to Esplanade. You have multiple choices to dine nearby.
3)Food Taste and quality - Some of the dishes were good (chicken dishes), but other very average. (like the fried prawns)

I liked the choo-chee goong prawns and the cripy noodles here. Everything else that we tried like Chicken kebab, etc was quite ordinary. Prices are on the high side.

Try out their grill chicken the best I have had it blore and definitely never Miss their famous mushakal. My personal favorite arabic cuisine to its best. Ambiance is perfect for a family get together or a date coz lighting is just apt for the food. N yeah do not miss out their wallpapers. a good get away for a chicken feast.

fantastic food and good ambiance. Mushakal is heavenly, humus chicken salad was fantastic. a great place for flavour. the kabab on offer are simply amazing. a must visit for meat lovers. 10/10 food, 7/10 ambiance.