The service too was good and prompt. The waiter kept his promise of delivering the main course within ten minutes of placing the order despite the restaurant being more than half occupied.

The ambience and service is different. Especially the welcome.towel presentation and table arrangements. The food is average fair and has no uniqueness in taste. The price is also steep. There is scope for improvement of they focus on select cuisines than providing all cuisines.

I couldn't figure what they're good at, coastal south west Indian is what they claim, their mangalorean fish curry was good but they fail in the malabari department. We had nice soft kebabs but taste wasn't that great to give it a special mention but overall the meat was fresh and taste was good.

We opted for chicken coriander soup not the exact name and it was absolutely yummy. Slightly thick, yellow and just the right taste - not the bland chinese soup but slightly spicy.
Then we ordered Chicken Rajasthani - it was lip-smackingly good with the rumaali rotis.

This place is empty most of the times I have walked past it. I have wondered why. Unsure of whether I should, I actually visited this place last Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised.
The ambiance is very different. it is east asian, but not east asian. It is comfortable for sure

At chit chat we enjoy freshly prepared food under supervision of an expert We love orange juice and instant made idlies It provides cozy place too. The food is delicious & is of good quality.

Fresh and good food, especially the cheese-paneer garlic bread, the pizza and the sizzling brownie with ice-cream. Also really affordable, the bill came to 150 per person. In short a nice new joint around the corner.
Thumbs up and keep up the good work.

Best quality, low cost food. Its just yummy. Since I have been there, I can't stop my footsteps each time I am hungry. Everything there is made fresh n taste's just yummy
Would recommend evry1 2 try it nice n surly they will suggest others too.

I observed this since I had been here for lunch recently and was having my grub when a pigeon did his/her thing and it splashed right besides my plate. My plate just got saved by an inch but I wonder if others have been that lucky.

They have been courteous enough to setup a table right opposite the order counter for people to have their grub standing however it is not covered from above.

Maroosh the name has gained a lot of popularity for its shawarmas, kebabs and other dishes. Well my experience at the outlet wasn't too overwhelming, first of all the seating arrangement is very limited and always full.

was lucky enough to get the terrace seats, that too on a Saturday.One extra marks for the ambiance on the roof as the view of the lake just makes up for everything.Had total of 2 beers and one pizza which was huge and the bill came to around 600, which was good enough.Would love to visit this place again.

Sizzlers are the good ones here with fine pricing of beer. Service is good and kinda slag in rush hours.You will enjoy the place when you're in group and really want to get drunk and wasted out here.Overall a seemingly nice experience

Good place to hang out with friends and colleagues.Roof top is really amazing with a lake view. Though they can improve on the seating comfort there. The first floor is really loud to sit and talk and drink; though music is nice to enjoy.

Serves Good Quality Pasta with Good Quantity But I Recommend Owner to Include Some Veggie, Good and Friendly Staff.short tables is is very cozy for a casual hang out with friends.

This place is great and unique, They let you make your own ice-cream.I had a chocolate ice-cream with brownie and choco chips.It was heaven,The service and ambience is a 9 out of 10.

Its a nice place small and cosy food is very tasty and even The owner is kind and a nice person,you feel you are in your own hotel the music is also good.

Its a nice place to b wid fly or sum1 special. No disturbnc in a small n nice place. Tthe food is very tasty andnice. Any special dish if u want to make it in ur style u will get it here. The owner is also very kind and nice person. Music is nice. Good for small parties and get to greater.

Good place for friendly Hangout.Coffee is very tasty,like the traditional style to serve it.Idli's and Dosa are so fresh and umatch taste of chutni is good.

average place.nice food and the range of dosas offered is impressive. american salad roast being the best pick. the place is too small and the heat becomes unbearable due to poor ventilation.except this good place.