Give bagel another chance here if you permanently set it aside from your plate.The sicillian rossoto and fajitaa mexicana is awesome.The drinks are ok ok....

Perfect for non-veg

Barbeque Nation

I would like to say sorry to veggie here....I don't think you will find yourself at your comfort level.The non veg is awesome and the fragrance of non veg is too tempting.



The place is always crowded since its opening and the seats are luxury but still give it a chance.The drinks and the crowd is too happening to miss out on.Enjoyy....

If you have a guys gang and are looking for a good pocket friendly restro for drinks come here.Try the menu and the drinks here and you will come here again.Food is ok-ok...just beer and starters.

cheap food with good taste.Mojito blood orange was good and the black currant milk shake is chill and nice.Its not good looking restro but still its nice.won't mind one more time.

Not as bad as i expected it at first look.The interior was outdated and the waiters are lost there but the food we ordered refreshed us.I hope indian restro give classes to their waiters also.

I am not a big fan of middle level food chain aand this chain didn't change my mind too much.We ordered chinese and some low fried snacks.The bill was pocket friendly.

Difficult to compete with establish presence of good cafes and bar here.We thought of ordering something but then the zook cafe fever was too much so didnt ate much here.This was ordinary.

Its one of the happening place pvr anupam complex and zook cafe bar stand out here with kool offerings.I instantly liked this place and the food just added the premium touch to it.

Dinning was good.

Hotel Parkland

We didn't stay at hotel parkland but we went there for a light brunch with some friends.The food was good and the service was swift.I would like to go back to this place again.

WEnt to Moti mahal at noida sector - 18.We ordered 2 mix grills non veg.The price was reasonable and the taste was not bad.Good for another outing.Waiting for next trip now.

The biggest concern for this joint is the location.Tdi mall in rajouri is not very good.The food was jut average and the price was pocket friendly.Overall my view try something different.

I tried this gym for a trail period of 2 days and the trainers were pathetic.They treat themselves as cult figures and assume that the clients should worship them.waste....

first of all i would like to congratulate the creator of this thread.Its a nice and rhythmic.The answer to this question is tuscany spa in chittaranjan park.I spend nice bucks but the experience was nice.

Its located alongside technia institute and district court so the problem of parking is the first thing you will face if you go there before 5 pm.The food is ok ok..will not suggest this to anyone.

If there is a voracious animal inside you that craves for all the food in this world,run toward rajdhani.The food is amazing and the quantity is unlimited.

If its the same kwality restaurant you are talking about that is in cp than its good.The non veg is tender and spicy.I don't go there much now coz' of kfc and other places but still its good.

Money and glamour.The game is larger than life because of money and glamour.The game is interesting but hockey is interesting as well.I wish for glory days in hockey again.

Gangsta Paradise
Its modern and suave tattoo parlour with abundance of design and good creative artists.The best part of gangsta is they guide you well before doing there stuff.

A good tattoo artist should have the proper knowledge and implications of his work and the subject.He should be master in fine art or a really talented chap.