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Zook Cafe Bar

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PVR Anupam Complex, Saket, New Delhi - 110017

Zook Cafe Bar is an urban space for the passionately political and the unabashedly musical to come together and enjoy. The excellent food and drinks served from a carefully-selected menu in a buoyant, pop-industrial atmosphere makes Zook one of the perfect places to spend an awesome evening with friends. The post-modern dacor with satirical street and pop-iconic images line the yellow-lit walls, semi-concealed behind perforated metal makes it perfect...

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A nice place to hang out with friends

This place is just great to hang out with friends. I have been here a couple of times and have always had a great time. This place is always buzzing with people. Not just college crowd,
I am particularly impressed with the manner in which this place is managed. This place is always bustling with people.
Ambience wise, like I said, they truly know what it is to be a pub. They have some great pastas and chicken dishes.
Another reason why I love this place is coz it is one of the few places in Delhi where most of the imported beers and single malts and champagne are always available!

Whenever you want to meet up with friends for drinks, this is the place to be. Don't think twice!

ZOOK cafe

Its one of the happening place pvr anupam complex and zook cafe bar stand out here with kool offerings.I instantly liked this place and the food just added the premium touch to it.

awesome place

Zook Cafe Bar has awesome ambiance, i love this place to hangout. you get a good variety of option. The place is also reasonable on the wallet. We could get our stomach filled without shelling out a huge amount.

Zook Cafe Bar

Zook is a place to Chill out. You come out with a happy mood after having lost all your worries (like a David Dhawan film). Nice Ambience, Food and Drinks. You get a good variety of options. The food is not that expensive considering the location of the Restaurant. Must visit place.

Zook Cafe Bar

Whenever we used to pass this place we could always hear loud music and we used to wonder how come there's party each time..nand then we entered it...and it was like I had imagined..nDark interiors...sofas scattered here and there..a group of teenagers dancing on bollywood music...nand at the end few girls swaying here and there..nthis is the place to Party....with your friends..nyou cannot come for quite dinner...nmostly famous for Hookahs ..nstarters are good..portion is less...nservice takes time...nnVerdict; if you like dingy interiors and if you are restricted teenager who has got a licence to party..this is the place...

Zook Cafe Bar

Zook Cafe Bar has a awesome ambiance , its a very good place to come up with your friends to celebrate your b'days, parties etc with a very affordable prices.

Zook Cafe Bar

For any Select City walk frequent zook Cafe is a very regular goto joint for a casual snack. The taste on most of the things on the menu are very basic and average but yes there service is good. They serve a good range of stuff from maggi to kebabs but there is nothing striking on the menu, but the overall vibe of the place is very catchy and a rage amongst college and young crowd.

Zook Cafe Bar

very calm ambiance, but service was really show in service!
good place to hangout with friends for few hours but not the idle place if you are hungry, they will surely make you wait.

Zook Cafe Bar

Zook Cafe Bar is cool, creative and has potential to cater to the most curious at heart.the menu is not expansive, whatever we ordered at zook was delicious, and perhaps more importantly really reasonably priced. Not the world's most varied bar menu, but what they have is really really well priced.

Zook Cafe Bar

Bar Tenders and waiters are cool.The floor is open with some sofas without any kina dividers marking any teritory. Most visitors assume there's no one else in the room..Go a level higher and you'l get a shot of volume hitting the box BOOM BOOM BOOM..