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3rd Floor, Adarsh Complex, Behind ASIA House & Pizza Hut, Swastik Char Rasta, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380009

Looking for someone to guide in hard times or compassionate healer in the times of turmoil? Then speak to astute astrologers of GaneshaSpeaks.com, the Numero Uno Astrology web-services in India. They will help you through the testing times with its sage insights on your past, present and with reliable guidance for future. The immensely experienced astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks.com, a market leader in its domain, have been nurtured personally by the renowned astrologer Shri Bejan Daruwalla. ...

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Fast Response & Useful Insight

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The deal was quite helpful & I found it when I badly needed such a deal. I was in an emotionally distressed situation and I wanted to get some help but nothing was working until I found this astrology deal, I had no big expectation from it but to my amazement the predictions and remedies worked wonderfully. Don't have enough words to say how grateful I am. Thanks mydala for such a deal.

Superb Service - using stock market book

I purchased stock market predicted book of teji Mandi and it is awesome with more than 80% accuracy and individual stock and there kundli is mind blowing . ( like jindal steel etc )

Worth every penny you spend ...

Great Multiple Astrology Deals

I used the deal for career consultation & the predictions were accurate with useful remedies. Moreover I couldn't resist the shree yantra deal for just Rs. 499. Overall: Excellent deal, I am satisfied and happy that I grabbed this deal.

Happy with the Astrology Consultation

Karma is Important but little guide and precautions can help to make our life blissful & happier. I feel lucky to have found this amazing astrology deal. I bought the deal & got the Astrology consultation for 30 mins at Rs 399. The session was immensely helpful & I recommended it to my friend who is also happy with the consultation.

Unbelievable price

Found this one while searching for Astrologer. The deal is the best of its kind and the price is unimaginable, that too from a brand like Ganesha Speaks. The remedial solutions to my problem seems to be working, though in astrology and remedial solutions, there are no overnight results. Worth a try guys!


The Report was brilliantly organised and easy to understand. The deal made the price so minimal that I loved it. I believe, now I can solve my career related confusions with the guidance and ways suggested. Thank you.

Fast but no good

Quick turnaround of report. But accuracy is highly lacking in the one year career transit report. For instance, I was told I would find employment by end June. But this didn't happen till end August. Even then, it is a short term job. No point ordering reports from them if the reports are fast but no good


The reports by Ganeshaspeaks are very generic. Nothing particular or mind blowing about it. Astrologers do guide you but we need more predictions, and that too accurate. The reports are more on the guiding side. None of the predictions come true. The customer service is also not that great. They don't answer phone calls after grabbing the money.

usefull guidance

I recommend this site for all those who are looking for guidance, and not predictions, you can even try the site for getting practical and astrological remedies and solutions for your problems.

If you are looking for predictions, i believe there is no astrologer in the world who could do that, otherwise, would not the same astrologer become Bill Gates, or Dhirubhai Ambani, or Rockfeller, or Tata or Birla?

Great guidance & Accurate forecast-TREMENDOUS

For the first time in life I was impressed with the amount of accuracy this site has given me, specifically with timing events and the detailing in the forecast. Whatever they give, just happens with you. It happened to me in the last order that I placed on the site and my friend had the same experience too.

No matter how skeptical you are, this site may turn you on & would transform you to a STRONG BELIEVER of astrology. I really appreciate Ganesha's guidance and help. It has changed my life drastically!!!


Ganeshaspeaks is one of the best astrologer. Now the days its play very important role in our life. Ganeshaspeaks provides us very perfect and correct answer which is fully satisfied and very helpful.


Ganesha Speaks is very Very Interesting. I had so many questions in my mind. My all such questions was answered on GaneshaSpeaks.com. I have great experience of ganeshaspeaks. It is the most popular astrology website.


The third class service i have ever seen i was trying to call from the last 15days but the astrologer do't even have the time to talk they just mke their money they have no feelings for any one plz talk to people and give them right information...


GaneshaSpeaks is the best and perfect numero uno astrology portal across India where good quality of service and impressive predictions serves. They provides us perfect and accurate answer of our question which helps us to improve it.


Ganeshaspeaks is the famous site for any type of life related problem can easily solve by online facility. Here 24 hours service is available is the good quality.


GaneshaSpeaks is undoubtedly the Numero Uno astrology website in India who is famous for the good service and impressive portfolio. They provides us best answer of my question which helps to improve our ability and strength.


My business was getting wrost day by day since last 6 months. I had so many questions in my mind. My all such questions was answered in 72 hours on GaneshaSpeaks.com under this product.


I must say its very confusing to me.I always believed that astrology has some merit but its not too advanced that we should follow it blindly.Ganeshaspeaks is good for ardent followers but not for someone like me.


Ganeshaspeaks is the good website where all type of solution is available in affordable price. Here all staff member is working nice job and give good suggestion.


GaneshaSpeaks ...consult the best astrologers. Our astrology services are good quality. I have great experience of ganeshaspeaks. It is the most popular astrology website. Here staff is so nice and good behaviour.