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The deal was quite helpful & I found it when I badly needed such a deal. I was in an emotionally distressed situation and I wanted to get some help but nothing was working until I found this astrology deal, I had no big expectation from it but to my amazement the predictions and remedies worked wonderfully. Don't have enough words to say how grateful I am. Thanks mydala for such a deal.

My experience at Mean Machines Ink is quite different from all other tattoo parlors. Safety is ensured with customized personal care for the new tattoo. The artists are committed and offer valuable suggestions.

Happy With the excellent hair treatment


I am really happy with the hair loss treatment I was offered by VLCC . The prices seemed high at first but once I started getting the results I think no one can give this quality at such a price. I was treated by expert dermatologist. Thank you VLCC for giving me back my look.

Tried a 'Spa' for the very first time and the it was definitely a good experience. The place was hygienic and quite clean. Products used were of good quality. Staff was nice and unnecessarily chatty as I managed to doze off during the body massage. I am definitely making this a twice a month routine. Feeling Refreshed.

Tasty and healthy yogurt.


Yogurt or locally speaking 'dahi' is a part of my daily diet. Have tried danone yogurt recently and its great. Have tasted the strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry flavors and all tastes excellent, Cherry is my favorite though. Great for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Brooke bond red label tea is one of the finest tea I have enjoyed and it is now an inseparable part of my daily life. The freshness that a brooke bond cup of tea gives keeps me going whole day. I keep trying different flavours of brooke bond and brooke bond never let me down