Great discountts


I recently added a adorable pair of hot red cat walk bellies to by wardrobe. It could happen all because of Mydala coupon which was very feasible to use. The entire process was faster than i had imagined. Keep the good work going Mydala, get more of such coupons for filpkart :)

For the love of chocolates

Cafe Chokolade

This is one cafe where u can actually explore your love for chocolates. they have a wide range of chocolate shakes.
i just happened to be around this place.. n the mydala app in my phone suggested me to try out this deal. :P
so me n a few friends decided to try it out.. while the others stuck to the usual brownie chokolade, which also had good reviews on other sites.. i could not resist ordering for a "snicker chokolade".. snicker being my fav. :)

the chocolate shakes were amazing.. i would definitely recommend this place. But yes .. it's not one of those places where u can hang around for hours..chatting... You come the order... finish your order..n leave.
but definitely worth giving a try.