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Cafe Chokolade

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Shop No 5, Ground Floor, Bethlem Premises, Near Bhagwati Hospital, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400092

Turning something into a nationwide phenomenon is no easy feat, especially when it's a treat that is sweet. It took inspiration, determination and great luck to make Cafe Chokolade what it is today. It has left a sweet taste with every person who has ever tried it and they're asking for more. That's the story of the journey of Cafe Chokolade. Chokolade - the treat that is indescribably delicious in every sense of the word is neither a shake nor an ice cream. However you choose to describe it, know this - the taste is absolutely distinctive and unforgettable. Indulge in a range of mouth watering treats to celebrate special moments or simply add a dash of fun to life. It's time for Chokolade....

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Cafe Chokolade

due to sudden rains, we were forced to get off the beach n look for shade...
n voila.. we found chokolade... the smell was so tempting.. n ice cream in the rains is like a must..

yummy chocolate ice creams and the chokolade drink

worth the money

For the love of chocolates

This is one cafe where u can actually explore your love for chocolates. they have a wide range of chocolate shakes.
i just happened to be around this place.. n the mydala app in my phone suggested me to try out this deal. :P
so me n a few friends decided to try it out.. while the others stuck to the usual brownie chokolade, which also had good reviews on other sites.. i could not resist ordering for a "snicker chokolade".. snicker being my fav. :)

the chocolate shakes were amazing.. i would definitely recommend this place. But yes .. it's not one of those places where u can hang around for hours..chatting... You come ..place the order... finish your order..n leave.
but definitely worth giving a try.

Cafe Chokolade

Cafe Chokolade is a chilling cafe where you get lovely cold beverages and desserts & some spicy stuff as well. The strawberry shake which you get here is amazing and so is the cadby. I dint like the french fries here but garlic poatao pops are awesome. Its a nice place to visit after dinner and enjoy sweet deserts with your family.