a bike alone doesnt make u feel like a roadie, it is the attitude which a person riding it carries when he rides the bike makes him feel like aroadie, so carry ur atitude along vit ur bike

the favourite ingredient of gajar ka halwa is the extra dose of roasted dry fruit which goes into the the halwa and even decorated completelyvt dry fruits.it tastes yummy

i think instead of going to big beauty centres for mehendi and shedding so much money, it is much worht to go to people who sit outside many big malls, and best mehendi design at very low price

i think when i buy a car i would choose it after comparing everything,such as brand vlaue,budget ofcourse,mileage cz it vl hard on pocket, looks definetly, cz it feels good

one cannot say that a one particular mobile phone is the best for all, so depending on the needs and requirements of each individual can say vch mobile is best suitable for them

i think mc donalds is perfect for all age groups and very light on pocket and great for taste buds, i personally love mc burger alot n french fries.
and of course hw cud i 4gt abt the walnut brownie vt icecream topping,its realy tempting do try it for sure

thts true, choclates r tempting,n spa relaxing, i think it would be best if u get choclate spa at home, buy some choclates, n get urself the best choclates spa urself