I do not know whats others having secrets, But all I know is more sugar for more sweetness. I love sweets more than any thing. And especially I love home made gajar ka halwa.

I always suprise my best buddies by presenting some thing unique and what they love. Even it is a tour package or any item which can be useful for them

I heard lot about foot spa. And really want to try once. But is it for health of feet or for washing foot?? Please let me know, I really dont have knowledge on this

Even I am searching for suitable saloon for me. There are many options in charkop but I did not find a good one which suits me. I will be in touch with this opinion topic may I get options here.

As per my knowledge it is Coffee Coffee Day. But not only so many options the quality and the taste is fantastic. And for fun no need to talk about coffee coffee day!

I really agree with ashok kumar, who mentioned about quick bite. You can go any Mc Donalds and you will get parcel or order in 3-5 minutes. And I love burgers.

I may agree with below comment. May be delhi gyms are better but i do not think better then mumbai gyms. We have here so many options with flexible timings. I do not think delhi provides such kind of flexibility.

the name it self is kool, d beer factory!!! Will soon visit this place. I and my friends are crazy about chilled beers. Weekends nights are our favourite times. coming d beer factory.

Astrology or any other reading all depends on your belief. If you believe it will happen that means you have to try for that. But the way they tell you future or what is you are looking for is important.

i love double cheese pizzas and about garlic breads dont ask me. I go regularly to other pizza centers will try FCC Pizza house. And even they are providing burgers too. Pizzas and burgers at one place.. :)

mehendi means colorfull hands, I stay in mumbai charkop, there are many parlors in this area. But I think the charkop market area have one beauty center called Magic Mehendi. They are fantastic.

Every one thinks about perfect body, but no one follows or do regular exercises to stay fit, even I. Tanmitra aesthetic clinics is giving 1 session free and 50 percent off on further services that is cool deal

chocolates means sharing love, happiness, sweetness, feelings, memories and many more. Jubel chocolates are providing cool deal of 500 grams chocolates for rupees 499. I will try this..

It is really hard to select permanent tattoo on our body, Because once we have it will stay with us for ever. I am selecting one and will try eltons tattoo

I am thinking about a permanent tatto on my neck, And the tattoo will be like imran khan. The sun tattoo really looking good on him and will look good :)

I heard about Sports Bean Cafe and the name really meets the services what they provide. And about deal paying only rupees 49 flat 55% discount they are giving. Awesome!!

wow.. looks good, with 50% discount for 49 rupees deal. I love food, especially i go out in weekends with my friends and family. I hope food quality will be good too..

I give you five start, Because it is ayurvedic. These days it is really hard to believe in drugs. When you are sick its better to have ayurvedic drugs, It may cure you little slow, But there wont be any side effect.

if it is chinese restaurant will soon visit. I love chinese, Especially Indian. Because the spicyness of the food. I go to chinese restaurent in every weekend. I am coming chi resto.

I am thinking about to change my hair style soon.. I heard lot about talwalkars in mumbai. Also they are giving 50% flat discout which is great. all depends on the service, let see how will they provide..