The interior is ordinary.The crowd with ciggi in mouth makes it a cheap shady place to visit.The food we ordered was smelly and the waiters are luxury here.Avoid if you can.Visit any other place but not this.

I tried pizza romana which is slightly overcooked.Penne villa capri was decent and the offerings have feeling of continental italian food .lemon cheese cake was good.The ambience was good.

Instant crowd puller this cafe with nice offerings and hot crowd to add to it.The price is slightly higher but who cares.Hope to go there again and again.

Ambience,interior decor and the work of the professionals there.Some tattoo artists are sitting in shabby shops with no cleanliness.It will cause infections and diseases.GET INKED is good.

Price and my limitations will decide the initial process.In my budget i will try t get best deal like mileage,looks and resale value.Other than that some other features are also important.

Get inked.

Try it i have heard of this place and my cousin had a tattoo inked by the person.Personally i do not have any idea about the service but still my cousin says its very good.

One of the most popular tatoo parlour in delhi.The name is synonymous with quality work and detailed craft.My cousin decided to had a tattoo and he was very happy with the service.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Maximum Power 31 Bhp@10500rpm
Maximum Torque 22 Nm@9,500 rpm
looks are unbeatable and performance the best.In my opinion this is the best.

I live close to this place and visited good food cafe atleast 4 times.The food quality is verryyy good and this place rocks on weekend.The price is good and you will love it.

One of the best chain with good interiors and best servings to offer.The drinks are all good slightly expensive though.The coffee is nice.The sandwich are better than some other chains.try it.

I feel ashamed that delhi is so unsafe now a days.I still believe that there are many places where we feel safe and happy.Almost all the malls are safe and the places like CP,Vasant kunj are all great.

pizza hut.I doubt any indian or continental restro can deliver within 30 minutes.I don't live in south delhi but i had experience of ordering food on internet or phone while at friends place.

Try it and you will feel the difference.Gazar ka halwa always feel better when it is made by mother or by family members.I always love gazar ka halwa....:P

Think of beer and think of d beer factory.we tried golden fried prawns ,keema matar and some mocktails and how can we forget BEERS.Beer is my weekness.The experience was amazing.

not one of my fav but still good offerings and nice interiors.I always choose barista for hazelnut mocha and barista blast.I would recommend these to everyone.

pizaaaaaaa...i love their offerings and the 55 rs small pizza are very good for tasting it.The outlets are comfortably located in deli and the staff are always helpful.

again went to mcd this weekend and again i want to thanks mcd guys for affordable and nice meals.The mcspicy burger is nice and i can consider again.The joy is still there.

fruit overload,lichie gold,three cheers chocolate..and the list goes on and on.The triple sundae is so tasty.Their offerings are mind boggling and the quality is one of the best.

A wonderful place to enjoy with family and friends.Cozy interior and manageable price make this place attractive.I would like to go here again to try main course.

helpful staff and good service time.I really admire the timings and the efficiency of the staff.I always try to buy from these store knowing fully well that its safe and original.