Cheeseburger : Cheeseburgers are also pretty good, I can eat them forever. It's alot like a mini Quarter Pounder. The cheese in this case was a bit melted, just nice, and a good amount of onion was on it, with liberal amount of ketchup and soft delicious bun.

Hype - Shangri-La's Eros Hotel--Delhi..This place is all about dance and drinks. Food for this place is not the parameter. It is one of the premier discs of Delhi, so the crowd is descent and the ambience very cool..

1.- Carrot (red) -1kg,
2.- Pure ghee - 4 table spoon,
3.- Milk (full cream) - 1 ltr,
4.- sugar- 300gms,
5.- Dry fruits (mixed)- 1/2 cup (almond, pista, cashew, kishmish),
6.- Cardamom powder- 1 tea spoon But secret ingredients are dry fruits...

Please Do not go to domino's Very bad service and Wrong information on all Domino's.Myself yesterday went to domino's And order Medium Pizza Potato Smackers Tacos & Coke.Order was right But in Potato Smacker there is DIP include in that.I order that first time. When i saw Pic on the poster there is DIP is showing in That and after that When i ask with the guy.They says there is no Dip Include with that and i have to pay Extra 20 rs for that and buy sepratly. .

SGG has around 19% faster CPU than Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2. Faster CPU means more smooth experience...SGG has around 100% more RAM than Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2. More RAM means more applications can run at the same time, which makes the phone faster. so definately SGG

Spice M-5100....light weighted phones which are easy to carry and upgraded with latest technical features...the facility of inbuilt FM radio enabling the user to enjoy the fun of listening the music direct from radio and that also with the help of inbuilt speakers....inbuilt memory of 87 MB supported by 4GB expandable memory with the help of SD card.

Dont buy airtel DTH : Airtel DTH say if u buy a hd box for 2500 rs it's not your property it's ther property and they don't refund your money but they want there box immediately if u don't recharge, I had a secondary connection my tv got repaired so I temporarily disconnected the box but after there months they suspended the primary and secondary box and say to recharge or return the box, I asked airtel that how can a purchased box can be your property and then they said if I return also there is no refund for what u have paid and even if u buy recorder box for 7000rs also it's there property but no refund.

Very good service provider, i take thailand tour package it was very good, all transfers are on time, each and every thing was perfect.Didnt had any problem while booking, occupying the room and during the stay.

During last year, I am forced to visit once at Green Park centre, twice at Pitam Pura centre and twice at Meera Bagh centre and thereafter they totally shut the Meera Bagh centre without informing the clients and leaving the session in mid-way.

Whenever I crave for some 'me-time', the answer is Tuscany. I'm regular at their spa and love indulging in the Traditional Thai Massage there. It's very soothing and relaxing. Tuscany spa is a great place to de-stress from the city's hustle and bustle. A must try!

Well, they attract the customers with good deals and you would have to end up paying a huge sum, I was asked to pay Rs.38k for parts replacement and on asking why such a high price , the person was not able to provide justification, and later came to 25k..

everyone should know how wonderful they are - I just hope I can still get last minute appointments :) This will be my new go to massage location since I moved back to the area:.The massage starts off with soaking your feet in a hot bath while you receive a head massage. You get a full body massage..

very nice owner, good heart but his pizza very basic. i which him to improve his menu choices he will get more business. but his pizza is nice if only few times. but like me every week ... not nice anymore ..

he worst place to dine out.have been there twice.
on the first occasion we got a table after 30 minutes and after such a wait what we got was totally unacceptable at that price.the food was all cold,as if it had been prepared way back

Definitely a place to enjoy some delicious chinese and thai food. Its a small and bit expensive resto bar located in select city walk, but with very nice ambinence and interiors. Staff out here is very courteous and well behaved.

Barista recreates the concept of the Italian neighbourhood coffee bar in Delhi. It is as famous for its range of Italian coffees (it is owned by Italian coffee major Lavazza) as for its capacity to double into a meeting room, people-watching place, lovers' rendezvous, etc. .We go to vasant vihar ...Every cup of cofee at barista is just awesome

I've been here(paschimm vihar ) twice, my friend has been here three times..Once I made a complaint The Blue Spa contacted me to fix it... I appreciate that!! I must say, every time I leave there I feel great..

Location fantastic. Staff excellent and very cusotmer focussed. Dynamic place - loved it. Food also very good..The standard of service from the staff was exemplary; they were always attentive and accommodating, well mannered and courteous in a way that is reminiscent of a kinder,

One of my friend visited batras clinic and after his experience he told it is wastage of money...only just take 1 Big Amla every day it wil reduce your hair fall, i tried for 1 month and i saw the difference so i suggest every one to take amla, amla is the best medicine i think.

A very clean and quiet hotel (and quiet, believe me, is very necessary in India to get away from the constant noise on the streets) very well located - beautiful rooms and bathrooms obviously designed with the business traveller in mind, but just as great for the leisure traveller..