Barista Lavazza coffee experience was like average and was not really impressed with the coffee.. but it was a good place to hangout and i nice place to be with friends for long hours....i guess this place is more of a timepass place that a place for a foodie.

Baskin Robbins is the famous place so i the first time i came there i thought that this place will have something special but it just ended up having the same old types of ice creams and the others i was not that into it....but nice place to hang out and regular ice creams are good

The girl that helped us in the store was really nice and I think that makes all the difference. I loved that you could get cones dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles of your choice.
It was clean, the people were friendly and the ice cream was awesome.Loved to back again....

nice place i have a good time..but now that i have been so many times that excitment is not there anymore in going to the same place again and again..guess its a nice place to meet old friends with old memories

YLG as been the best salon for me in bangalore. That too not all YLG salons in bangalore but only the one YLG salon at malleshwarm near MES college.The wash your hair and then give you suggestions depending on the type of hair which hair style suits you.little expensive but worth

My secret is that i like it when we add a lot of milk while preparing and that after long period of boiling in becomes like kova which i love and also like it with vanila icecream which makes it taste even better

According to me Golds gym is the best as it offers good gym equipments and and also personal trainee.Though they are expensive they have good facility and is also if they are very clean..we can hove our own towels if paid extra.

hopeless......Very bad experience....Please atleast by reading the opinions dont do there.....very dirty....I had been there once and will never go back there...There are many such other offers worth goin...DONT EVEN TRY THIS PLACE....

horrible...untidy and unhygienic..and also the towels and bedspread are so feels like that have not washed it since they the last 5-6 people used... they forcefully give u a lecture on other offers too..though not interested...over rated...they dont give u the appointment for the time u ask for though they would have no customer that time..the only good thing there was that the girl who took care of my services was pretty sweet...but overall this place is not recommend.

McDonalds is a place when u can go in any mood you are in. be it happy, sad, pissed off, frustrated anything. very cheap and the taste remains the same all the places and McDonalds is everywhere esp in bangalore. every area it is there. McDonalds is dam good

A nice place to spend time and hang out with friends......and good thing is that it as its branch in very area in bangalore that removes the problem of traffic and travellin..... it tastes almost the same no matter which part of the country outlet you are visiting.

This is a good hotel esp. a good family hotel. These days it as become really tough to get a family hotel and this place is the best to go with family.A visit here is worth and i think you wont be disappointed.Go ahead and take a visit and make your family happy.

Fitness is important. We can make an effort for it in any way aerobics,yoga,meditation.....any way.The workout in the right with the right amount is important which differs for every person for this a trainee is required.All this is available here .Make an effort and be fit and healthy.

Very bad phone. Lagging in every game. Temple run subway surfer rail rush all games are lagging in this cheap smartphone. I lost my 21000 in this plastic toy. I m going to sell it on olx. I m surprised why samsung promoting this phone. Very bed experience.

The hotel is very close to the airport so if you have an early morning flight it is the perfect accomodation. There is a big shopping center close to the hotel where eat something and buy indian products. The hotel is new and clean.

When you plan for a trip to costal region the popular places comes in your mind are Goa or Karwar or Gokarna.This time some how I came to know about this resort in Ankola. Honey beach cottage is a beautiful resort on the rocky shore of north Karnataka. I loved this place more than Devbagh beach resort karwar because of its serene beauty. lonely clean beach and affordable price.

In the last review i had mentioned BBQ which i would like to tell clearly that it is barbeque nation...since it was again mentioned by another just wanted to make it clear...again mentioning place to hang out

I think BBQ as the most friendly staff as the make it a nice experience there...the atmosphere is good and also when ever we feel like havin any food which is not in the menu also that is also available on request...and of course the smile and polite behavior makes it worth goin..

Sony xperia Neo L is good and rocking.. It has a big 4 inch screen. Supports HD Video clarity and camera quality. Watching videos and movie is a pleasant experience. Its a very stylish phone. It has a 5MP primary camera and has front camera too, battery backup is gud and has lot of features.

MYDALA please get the golds gym offer again because it was the best offer ..that to when it was on the golds gym..great exercise..good health...great atmosphere...worth the value of money...good instruments...worth the time spent there compared to any other gym