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Get a chance to win yourself latest gadgets, electronics or even gold. If you are the lucky one, you get to win or we refund you the money spent in form of mydala points to let you shop from our best deals and discounts. ...

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dont purchase

Please don't purchase any items from Mydala..its fake contest of Lucky draw.they can't deliver item..and also see that lucky winner name are not randomly selected by computers..its all fake names

Lucky Draw - 1.5T Samsung AC - Purista

No idea why the deal expiry date is keep on extending. The original deal expiry date was 02-Jun-2014 , then it changed to 3rd and then now to 4th. What will be the actual deal expiry date.

Full of fraud

I was the only buyer of philips table grill. If I don't win this deal, then its a fake site. I will follow up with suitable action. This deal was valid upto 6 pm on 2nd June. Till last minute, nobody has bought as per the bought couter displayed on the site.

Mydala is fake site....beware!

Philips Table grill contest deal was open upto 6 pm on 2nd June.
Nobody had bought till 5:55 pm. So I bought one coupon. But the site does not show 1 as no of deals bought, after my purchase. I was the only buyer. But the counter does not show 1. Again the clock was reset to count down another 60 minutes to extend the duration of deal. I checked this intentionally to find out their fraud! Another*****trick is that one cannot write their review without giving the ratings. They have designed this webpage in such a way!

Third class site

Third class site. All the lucky draw winner are fake and they are not giving price to anyone.

like Sunny deol and all are from big cities not a single winner is from small town or village.

Third class method

I am not satisfied with the method in which winner is selected for lucky draw. There is no transparency in announcement of results.

Look at the names of the winner. They all seems fake winner like sunny deol etc.

Even if you observe the locations of winners i.e. all big cities not a single winner is from small town or village.

Third class site. Waste of money.

got the answer

Thank u so much for clarifying my quiries. So hope for the best.Wating for the lucky draw.best of luck to myself. I wish.... I hav a plan to buy galaxy note.


Is it true? Rs.75/- was deducted frm my mob balance. I got a msg frm the site. I dont know about this deal. Is it for gettng a samsng galaxy note 3 wd rs 99? Please help.

Good Prank!

Really enjoyed your April 1st joke. Though I wish it were true. Would have loved to have a tiger for myself for an entire week. :)

This is a APRIL FOOL for sure!

Amazing to get Tiger for a week but then I saw the calendar and found that common man! March is coming to an end today and starting of APRIL so it must be a April fool of 2014 guys...

Purrr Purrr Purrr

I mean seriously !!! I had no idea such a thing was possible... Normally i go for dogs coz i m more of a dog person, but then given the opportunity to get such huge Cat as a pet is something i just cudnt let go.
The tiger was so cuuuutttteeee.... i named him Kitty and sang Soft Kitty to him every night a s a lullaby.. works like a charm.
I have to compliment mydala for thinking out of the box and giving me such an awesome experience.
Everyone should get this deal... its LEGENDARY !!!

OMG !!

Shit ! I can't believe it. This couldn't be true. Tiger for a week !!......... I can see my long dream of being "Mowgli" coming true. Hallelujah !!

Woah! Mother of All Deals!

I always wanted to rent a pet tiger! mydala you have given me that chance! This tiger is gonna change my life I know it for a fact! When i am out on the road no one & I mean no one can mess with me...i finally have a friend! woohoo! Thanks a ton! Loved the deal! :D