The Lucky Draw link has now been moved to bottom of the home page. It was at the top before that. It means that this fake contest has almost come to an end. Please don't buy anymore, because they won't send any prizes hereafter. Those who got prizes in the beginning are just baits to lure the others. So they need not be so proud. They are just part of these fraud activities, since they too misguided the Public by writing non sense reviews on this site.

No doubt! It's a bogus site!

Mydala Contest

Please refer my previous review on 2nd June.... The only buyer of Philips table drill is me. But the winner declared is Sujan soni from Kolkata. There was no such buyer till 6pm on that day. Now it is ascertained that Mydala is a bogus site. The names displayed on the winners list are all fake. If Mydala doesn't stop this fraud activity within a week, I will make all legal steps to ban this site. All of you! Please beware of this site and don't waste your money here. The products available here to shop are priced 4 times the price it's worth for. The quality is worst and there is no useful items too.

I was the only buyer of philips table grill. If I don't win this deal, then its a fake site. I will follow up with suitable action. This deal was valid upto 6 pm on 2nd June. Till last minute, nobody has bought as per the bought couter displayed on the site.

Mydala is fake site....beware!

Mydala Contest

Philips Table grill contest deal was open upto 6 pm on 2nd June.
Nobody had bought till 5:55 pm. So I bought one coupon. But the site does not show 1 as no of deals bought, after my purchase. I was the only buyer. But the counter does not show 1. Again the clock was reset to count down another 60 minutes to extend the duration of deal. I checked this intentionally to find out their fraud! Another*****trick is that one cannot write their review without giving the ratings. They have designed this webpage in such a way!