Dr Batra - Best Hairfall Treatment

Dr Batra's

Myself Mr. Paul Fernandes I am 33 yrs old. 2 years ago i started seeing thin hair on my hair and a lot of hair used to fall. I had read about it a lot but not one solution! I thought I will try dr. Batra. Before going to dr. batra i researched online about it and came across these negative reviews and i was not sure but then i read about them on their website. one year ago my hair started to fall. with some bald patches on the center on my head. I consulted dr. Batra at their andheri branch. They have some amazing tools to check hair. They checked my health issues also and gave me homeopathic meds. i made sure i took them on time. Friends, leaving the treatment half way would not be able to stop the hair loss. My hair fall had reduced a lot by the end of four months. It has stopped completely now. I was scared about the side effects but the i trust homeopathy and it worked. I am happy that now i am healthy and hair fall has stopped. Dr. Batra has worked for people like me. i am sure they will work for everyone who comes to them.

I Love Dominos

Dominos Pizza

I Love Dominos, I just cant resist dominos pizza's. Peppe paneer cheeeeeeseeeee burst is my favourite. I usually go there once in 10 days with my friends. Also, the garlic bread with cheesy dip is soo amaising and tasty to have.

The food is very fresh and tasty. They also have brought more new varieties of pizza and calzones. Will try them next time :)

Dominos you rock !!!!

Golds Gym made me fit and fine

Golds Gym

I always wanted to see myself fit and fine. I always wanted to build healthy physique and have a great shape and I then planned to join golds gym. They gave me a trainer who trained me with stretching and regular fitness exercise. 2 days a week I used to do cardio. They even trained me with muscle building exercises. After 1 year of joining golds gym I have gained best shape for my body. I feel healthy fit and fine.