A perfect place for casual dining


Ricos, located in GTB Nagar offers a delectable menu of various sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and other comfort food. The decor is youthful with a sticky board and wrought iron chairs and cool posters. It is located close to north campus area to target the college crowd.

We ordered Virgin Sangria and vegetarian Shawarma platter. Sangria came in a long cylindrical pitcher and was a blend of fruit juices infused with real fruit slices. An awesome start to our dinner.The veg Shawarma platter had open rolls with paneer slices placed on top of flat pita bread. It was served with hummus and mayonnaise.

From Pasta section we had a Spicy Arrabbiata and a corn mushroom Calzone. Pasta was regular and the crust of Calzon was soft and soggy pita sheet and the stuffing was cheesy and gooey. Delicious

We also ordered a red velvet cake with a chocolate mousse cup. It was just passable. They must improve their cakes etc.

The place is very crowded mostly and there is a lot of waiting but one must try this place for great food and prompt service.

Starbucks - A must visit for any coffee connoisseur


Starbucks is perhaps the most popular coffee chain around the world. We bought a starbucks card with Rs.200 value for 100 bucks.

We in India had to go through a lot of patience for having Starbucks here. But the wait was totally worth since now we are regular patrons of this chain. To use the starbucks card bought from mydala we visited their CP outlet. We ordered Home brewed coffee which is their black coffee / Americano and is served along with milk on request. The taste was mild but the smell of roasted beans absolutely intoxicating. Along with this we took a Cafe latte which is for patrons who prefer a strong presence of frothy milk. We also ordered a slice of Red velvet cake. It was a combo of red sponge cake and layered with white chocolate slivers. Slightly moist and very sinful (and expensive) it surely was a worthy indulgence.