Cookie man calling

Cookie Man India

I bought a large box of chocolate chip cookies for my friends, who absolutely loves them.With this, thanks to the mydala coupon, I got a snack pack free! I gave the snack pack to my friends young daughter, and both were very happy with their respective gifts.

I had a magnificent time at Bay Leaf Spa. The ambience was great, with scented candles and pretty interior decoration, designed to make you relax. I got their signature treatment, the chocolate and milk spa ritual, which was divine. I also got a Javanese Lulur, which made my skin silky smooth and left me glowing. Professional, efficient staff, and very polite. Im gonna visit again soon.

Thyrocare has superior staff and care. I have been getting my tests done there for three years and last month, I stumbled upon a deal for thyrocare mydala. I got a full blood test, including iron, B12, D3, Cholestrol and Lipase Levels. The results came in exactly one day, both online and via post. The person even came to my house to take the test. Wonderful care.

Ice cream, especially Belgian Chocolate has always been my favourite treat. Since I scored an amazing deal at mydala for Baskin Robbins, it only seemed natural that I would take it up. However, I was not too happy with the quality of the ice cream this time. The Ice Cream seemed a little off, slightly old and the staff were not very attentive. I usually have a great experience at Baskin Robins, but this time not so much.

I have been trying to lose weight for two years now. I have tried crash dieting, eating healthy, the Atkins diet and exercising but nothing worked. I finally went to Gold's Gym and the trainer was very good. He made me do the perfect balance of toning and cardio and made me change my misguided diet as well. It took four months and I eventually lost 11 kgs. I am ecstatic with my results, all thanks to Gold's Gym!

Even though I got a decent deal at Lets Noodle thanks to mydala, I felt the food and the service could have been better. My fish was slightly undercooked and my noodles were a bit rubbery. I did not enjoy the food at all, and the staff were rater impolite as well.

I had a pretty good time at The Oudh. I had excellent food, butter chicken, tandoori chicken and butter naan. I also had malai tikkas, sheekh kebabs and finished with kulfi. I got 25% off my entire bill so I was pretty satisfied with the deals.

I did not real like Park Balluchi. It did not live unto my standards at all. I ordered a platter of afghani, shashlik and tandoori wings but was quite unhappy with the food and the service. The only think I enjoyed was my chilled beer. I don't think I will be going bad.

I came across the deal for US Pizza- Buy 1 get 1 free. I ordered a four cheese pizza and got another of the same for free. I also got two cokes with it and shared it with a friend who came to sleepover. I was very happy with my deal.

I got a pretty sweet deal at Pizza hut! But 1, get 1 free. I ordered a delicious chicken tikka pizza and got another of the same. I also ordered garlic bread and coke on the side and my brother and I shared the pizzas and it was quite a good and cheap meal.

Delicious Dominos

Dominos Pizza

I got 25% off on a bill of about Rs.2300. My friends came over and we ordered three pizzas and two garlic breadsticks with cheesy dip. We also got two cokes and two lava cakes. We always order dominios and this time, I was very happy with the deal I got at mydala. Next time, I will definitely be checking out mydala for more deals.

Flowers at Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals

I got 17% off on a bill of about Rs.1800. I ordered beautiful pink and white lilies, decorated with a few small white flowers and green moss. The entire package was wrapped in clear cellophane with a pink bow. It was very pretty and when I gave them to my mother for her birthday she was very happy. Im a big fan of ferns and petals.

Magical Myntra

I got 30% off at United colours of Benetton! I have always been fond of UCB and thanks to Myntra I had a wonderful purchase. I bought a beautiful dress in eggplant, with hints of blue. I also bought a few basic t-shirts and I was very happy with the whole deal.

Fabulous deals at Flipkart!


I got 75% off on books at flipkart! Since I am an avid reader, this deal I acquired at mydala made me ecstatic. I managed to get quite a few books, even a few that have been on my reading list for a while. I've had a great week, just reading these books and I owe all my happiness to flipkart!

I was happy with the treatments I received at. My massage was amazingly relaxing and my hair spa was soothing and left me feeling refreshed and my hair looked smooth after a long time. I got a nice pedicure and manicure and got my nails done in a pretty silver colour thereafter. I completely indulged myself and at a much cheaper rate thanks to mydala! Very glad about the way the day turned out.

Monotonous Maithila

Maithila Day Spa

Maithila definitely did not live upto my standards. I had heard about this place and was quite excited to try it. However, I was slightly dismayed by the facilities available. My facial was quite nice and soothing, but my hair spa and manicure were not up to par with the ones I get in other places. I was not happy with the service I received.

oh blogar ji kahan gayab ho gayee aap bina hamare spa main aaye hi coment dal diya.gud is se pata chalta hai aap kitne true hain

By Merchant 23 September 2015

Feel Fresh was a slight disappointment. While the staff here was wonderful, they really paid attention and tried to do their job well, I feel the entire place could do with a lot more refinement. The atmosphere of the place was just not spa/salon like, according to me. That relaxing aura wasn't present. It was just too noisy and crowded and overly loud. I was unable to relax and enjoy my massage.

Grace Lounge did not live upto my expectations. I felt that the staff could have been a little more courteous and I also feel that the amenities available could have done with some improvement. I was not happy with my facial or my bleach. The place could also have been more hygienic and I doubt I will be going back anytime soon.

I thought La Fleur was a notable spa. I got a sweet deal thanks to mydala and I really enjoyed myself. I got a wonderful manicure and pedicure and finished up with my nails painted in Raving red. I also got a facial, which was quite refreshing and made my skin glow. I will definitely be checking out mydala for more deals like this.

I thought La Fleur was a notable spa. I got a sweet deal thanks to mydala and I really enjoyed myself. I got a wonderful manicure and pedicure and finished up with my nails painted in Raving red. I also got a facial, which was quite refreshing and made my skin glow. I will definitely be checking out mydala for more deals like this.