I enjoyed my dinner at The Oriental Pavilion. I ordered fried seaweed, crab soup, shrimp with chilli and garlic and crabs in butter and garlic. For dessert I ordered raspberry sorbet. The staff was very courteous, and the food was well presented.

I quite liked Onyx. I got a nice deal due to mydala and ordered three drinks, mojitos. I also got a few snack and liked the ambience of the place. I will be going back sometime soon.

My experience at Hotel Swastik was not a very good one. I did not like the place very much, as I thought it was slightly unhygienic. The reception was not warm and my room was very small. I also found a cockroach in my bathroom. However, the staff were very pleasant and efficient.

The hotel was very comfortable. My room was small, yet luxurious. It was very clean and the room service was efficient. The pool was a beautiful azure blue and the restaurants in the hotel had great food. Great deal thanks to mydala.

I had exquisite waffles at The Umrao. They were light and fluffy, drowned in melted butter and blubbery maple syrup. There were fresh strawberries on the side, along with a pitcher of sweet tea. Lovely meal.

I had a scrumptious meal here. I ordered a pizza loaded with cheese, ham, pepperoni, salami, capers, capsicum and onions. I also ordered a piping hot lasagna, with layers of delicious cheese and meat.I had two watermelon martinis along with it. For dessert I had an exquisite tiramisu, rich and creamy. I was more than satisfied with my deal.

I had a pretty decent experience at Plum. I got my hair streaked in dark shades of red and plum and got a cucumber facial. I also got a nice manicure and got my nails painted in an ombre of pinks. It looked really nice and different from anything I have ever done. I am very happy with my deal.

Bora Bora Tiki Bar

Bora Bora Tiki Bar

I did not enjoy myself at Bora Bora Tiki Bar. The drinks were very watered down and the snacks were pretty terrible. My friends and I were not having a good time, so we left in an hour. The service was slow, and that too on a weekday. Not happy at all.

I didn't like Kwality at all. The staff was quite inattentive and the service took way too long. Our order took 45 minutes to reach and even then we got one dish that we had not ordered. We sent it back and they charged us for it!
Will not be returning.

I absolutely loved Soy! Exquisite Chinese food! I ordered pan fried noodle, tofu with tomato gravy and a vegetable dish with botchy and baby carrots. For dessert I had red bean ice cream and loved it! Great time with my family!

I did not enjoy my experience at La Beaute. I felt the atmosphere was rather dismal. The massage I got, was with too much pressure and even though I told the woman to reduce the pressure, I was left with bruises. My husband was not happy with his massage either as the scent of the eucalyptus gave him a headache.

I got my bridal hair and makeup done at Kevina. The makeup was done in a striking manner, heavy on the eyes and nude lips, with faint traces of rose blush. The did my hair in an intricate, lovely braid which everyone admired and a few of my friends and relatives have also taken the number of Kevina from me!

My boyfriend got a huge tattoo of a dragon on his arm. It went all the way from his shoulder to his wrist, and was done in black and red ink. I also got three cartilage piercings on my left ear. It was quite painful, but my silver hoops look pretty.

I didn't have the best episode at Holaa. My hair spa did not live up to my standards, my manicure and pedicure were just too tacky for my taste and my facial left my skin feeling dry rather than conditioned. The staff were great, but the services, not so much.

I went to Gulnar to grab a few cocktails with my friends on a Friday evening. We had a few apple and watermelon martinis, as well as mojitos. The drinks were good, quite strong but the ambience of the place did not live up to my standards. The service was also rather slow and I do not think that I will be going back there anytime soon.

Grace and Glow

Grace & Glow

Grace and Glow is a salon that I appreciated a lot. The decor was pleasant, and so was the staff. I got my hair streaked in a dark auburn colour and got a facial and a manicure. My friend got a pixie cut and coloured her hair black with a few dar, peacock blue streaks. We both were satisfied.

I got my third tattoo at Get Inked, an infinity tattoo on my wrist. The parlour was very creatively done up, with lost of ideas and designs for different, unique tattoos. All the tattoo artists were very funny and kind, and the procedure went off well.

Energy Salon Spa was quite decent. Honestly, I did not expect very much at first but I got my hair cut in steps and then got it rebonded. It took about four hours, but I was happy with the result. The staff entertained and spoke to me all the while, and gave cups of tea and coffee constantly. Great Service!

I decided to go and try out Desire since I obtained this coupon at Mydala. I paid jet Rs. 599 and got a facial and head massage. My head massage was wonderful and soothing after the long day I had, but the facial irritated my skin and made it red. I don't know why that happened, but I will be careful from now on.

I walked out of Dental Bliss feeling like a new person. I got some scaling and polishing done and now my mouth feels slightly weird, but the dentist told me thats normal. The place is very sterile and clean, and the staffs demeanour is very professional and relaxed.