I love fast food and therefore I love HBN! Their pizzas are amazing, I always get the cheese one with capsicums, onions, olives and salami. I got a great deal on Mydala and will be looking forward to many more!

I did not like the food at Yellow Mirchi. The rice was too overdone and the paneer and chicken we ordered basically had the same gravy, and it was much too watery and salty. I do not recommend this place.

I had a few new experiences at White Orchid. I got a gold bleach plus a hair trim and****dry. The bleach was something I had never done before, it was quite nice and my trim was done in light steps, which I quite liked. Its definitely a good salon.

I had a decent experience at Vogue Villa. My hair spa was good, left my hair feeling smooth and conditioned. I was happy with my bleaching and manicure as well. I got my nails in a sparkly silver colour. My facial left my skin glowing and I walked out with my moneys worth.

Turn Style was a pleasant enough experience, although it could do with a little upgrading. The staff was very professional and I was happy with my coconut oil head massage and eyebrow threading. But, I did not like the fact that the towels they used seemed to be slightly dirty.

Spa King is a great spa. I got a wonderful, two hour Balinese Body massage. I dozed off during the first 15 minutes, it was that good. I felt amazing and light afterwards and smelled like nice, scented essential oils.
I also got a manicure and got my nails done id teal. Loved it!

I used to have acne when I was younger. Now I do not have it, however the scars have been there for a long time and I am quite embarrassed about them, whenever I go out during the day. I wen to Renaissance and got them removed. The staff was very patient and kind, and I had a superb experience here.

I got three tattoo's at Octopus. I got a four winged butterfly on the back of my neck, a tiny heart on my hipbone, and a rose on my calf. I was very happy with the services and my tattoo artist. I'll probably be getting another tattoo soon!

I got my first ever tattoo at tattoo zone. It was a little dream catcher on my ribs in black. I love dream catchers, always have and I finally mustered up the guts to get one. It definitely didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and the tattoo artist was very good with me. Hw was patient and explained the entire procedure, from what he would to, to how long it would take. Excellent service. I may just decide to get another tattoo soon!

Fitness freaks is an excellent gym. I have been to numerous gyms, but here the equipment is well taken care of and the staff are very professional and efficient. They know exactly which exercise regime to use on different people and have great customer care. I lost 5 kgs in two months, and I was very happy with the result of reaching my target weight.

Tibetan Kitchen was a good experience for me. I went there with a friend, since we found a first rate coupon on mydala. The ambience was wonderful, and the staff was very polite, and the food was excellent, especially their naan's with creamy afghani chicken. Will be going back soon.

My hair had been falling for a time and nothing I did would improve it. NO amount of treatments, oiling, shampooing, eating well or taking iron was helping. I went to Dr. Batra's as a last resort and I am eternally grateful. In just three months my hair stopped falling. Amazing recovery!

I got a pretty neat deal off ebay. Mydala was offering coupons for 80% off perfumes on ebay, and since I love perfumes, I just had to purchase this coupon. I have a few delicious scents now and couldn't be happier with them. The delivery and quality was very good.

I went to the Oriental Blossom for a business lunch and ordered a nice crab soup and dim sums and my partner ordered noodles and a vegetable dish. Thanks to mydala, we got 20% on the entire food bill and ended up having a greta meeting.

Cappucino at Cafe Moshe's

Cafe Moshe's

Cafe Moshe's has a relaxed, easy going atmosphere. I stumbled upon a mydala offer for a free cappuccino and since I am a coffee lover, I had to purchase it. The cappuccino was hot and creamy and very sweet, just how I like it. Ill be making this place my regular coffee place now.

The Barking Deer

The Barking Deer

I had a nice time at The Barking Deer. I went with my parents and we all ordered burgers. They were really delicious and the ambience was very chilled out and laid back. We shared few beers and had a good outing after a while:0

Wonderful Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom

I went with a few friends to Water Kingdom. Even though we're slightly above the age group, we had a blast and felt like kids again. It was so huge, we had trouble covering all the rides. We ate at Domino's and had some good old fashioned fun and that too at 40%off! Best deal ever!

Excitement at EsselWorld

Essel World

All my life, I have loved adventure parks. So, when I got this deal of 40% off at mydala, I obviously had to take my nieces. We went on most of the rides, Shot N Drop was out of this world! We enjoyed some good food at Taipan and overall had a great family outing:)

Zovi Jeans


I bought a slim black leather belt from Zovi along with a pair of silver filigree earrings. Besides this, I got a headband in white lace and got Rs.200 off on my entire purchase. I have been shopping here for along time, and now thanks to mydala, the shopping is so much cheaper.

I got 59% off on summer footwear at Homeshop18. I was so ecstatic about my deal! I got 4 pairs of flats in varying colours. They are the perfect summer flats in red, blue, silver and orange. Very happy:)