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Fitness World

Fitness World Gym, Aradhna Enclave, R K Puram

Keen to join a gym, I searched almost every nook and corner of South Delhi but I couldn't find one suitable to my expectations. Some were very well equipped but highly priced. Those which were reasonable didn't even have the basic machines, until I came across this one.
While wandering on the streets of Aradhna Enclave, an unexplored gym came in my way. A gym which was not so far off, had posh crowd, professional trainers and was available at a fees which was not burning my pockets. Fitness World Gym has got all the modern facilities which one is looking for.
Experienced trainers, well maintained machines, friendly helpers, fully air conditioned, hygienic shower rooms, affordable fees- what else does one want. The light blue marbled floor with white walls and mirrors almost on every wall gives a very refreshing yet motivating feel. Rejuvenating loud fast beat music played on classic speakers keeps the enthusiasm on and motivates you to run that extra mile. Cherry on the cake- Parking! Which is taken care by the gym authorities.
As I was underweight, I took weight training at Fitness World Gym for 6 months. Unlike many other gyms which just concentrate on the exercises, at Fitness World, on the first day itself the trainers advised me a diet plan considering my health status. They even provided me with a schedule of exercises that needs to be followed during the week.
The gym is equipped with adequate number of machines. In my 6 months of rigorous exercise schedule at Fitness World, I never had to wait to get a machine to complete my daily schedule of exercises. From the cardio work outs to the body building exercises, it has all the necessary equipments needed by the members. The owner is very passionate about the gym and keeps adding new machines, tools, mats, exercise balls, etc for the comfort of the members.
On completion, I was very satisfied with the services of the gym as I could see very optimistic changes in my body structure. I would highly recommend everyone to must visit this hidden gym.

Reviewing this place brought back my delightful college moments as it was then rightfully called our college adda. Though nothing phenomenal about this place, yet one would feel belonged to it. Be it the cute graffiti on the walls, the serene view of the lake, lazy drooping postures of people having hookah, beers or those stupid conversations while sipping the adraki chai, one wouldn't mind spending a few evenings with the loved ones.
Started by a bunch of 4 engineering students, they may have made it difficult for anyone to walk up those 20-30 stairs and though the entrance seems like a horror trap but trust me, its worth giving it a try. It has a comfortable seating area on the outside as well as on the inside where you can plug in your cell phone to their speakers for some good music.
Coming down to the food, there is nothing exceptional on the menu. The menu is painted on a wall which will definitely catch your attention (it caught mine when I first saw it). There is not much variety provided on the food. Yet the sandwiches, maggi and a cup of tea are something to try out. Even the pizzas are good enough to explore. They even serve great hookahs with all kind of flavors (Pan Watermelon being my favorite flavor).
Piece of advice: The prices aren't at all high yet paying only cash might hurt as they don't have a debit card terminal. And I wish the terrace could be used for sitting which they haven't. Made me think why haven't they?
One feels rejuvenated gazing at the beautiful lake view. Do visit this place during the monsoons. You'll fall in love with it.
Ambience: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: Priceless

Big Chill, rightfully hyped for its cheese loaded mouth watering dishes, scores for maintaining its legendary standards across all its branches. Opened just next to Nandos, it is giving a hard competition to its fellow challenger. It has brought back the charm of the Promenade Mall. If you happen to be at any of the other two malls, It's worth walking into this mall, get your clothes checked, hop on the escalator and spend a few extra bucks here than eating at the food court.
With no such long waiting periods, we were fortunate to grab a table in the sunny afternoon, my group of friends and I headed towards it but the gorgeous cakes lying at the entrance caught our eyes and we couldn't resist ourselves. Our senses tickling to the core, we straight away ordered.
In the last three years, I've been to almost all the outlets, tried most of the menu, the consistency maintained every time. We ordered Chicken Risotto, Chicken in peri peri sauce and Baked Potatoes being my favorites. And WOW is the word you utter. I have had their delectable pizzas and pastas the last time. We tried The New York Cheesecake this time which was absolutely amazing. Also the best Bonafee Pie served in Delhi.
This place has bagged loyal customers over the years for some very obvious reasons: moderately priced, quick service, interesting décor, attentive and courteous staff and for maintaining the quality of food.

A spectacular place to hang out for all college goers...!!! You must look up to this place to see the factor that drives youngsters over here. Being one of the most renowned restaurants amongst the students living in the vicinity, you may get a waiting period of 10-15 minutes if heading over with 4-6 people.
The ambience is funky and cheerful with an eye catching wall pertaining to a whole lot of hilarious poster and sayings. Though the place might look small, the sitting is quite comfortable. This place is a dine-out as well as a take away restaurant.
For the food, if you give a quick look to all the tables, the most common of all would be The Tandoori momos (an innovative dish). A must have. I felt that these momos don't really go into the tandoor as there were no signs of the seekh. Yet it has a different catch to it. The rest of the menu has the regular Chinese and North Indian dishes. Chilli chicken with any sauce with fried rice and crispy chilli potatoes were a few in my favorites list. Owing to the low prices, the combos are more in demand.
The service is great and the staff is courteous and sweet.
Amazing place to dine out. You surely won't leave craving for more.

You must know the location of the place where you are heading over to or else you might get lost in the dark back lanes of the village. Climbing on to the third floor, this place brings relaxed positive vibes with a beautiful calm view of the lake which always brought me to this place back and again. It is the apt place for someone seeking to experience a fine dining, ignoring the loud party groups. It offers sitting on the inside as well as on the outside, so go according to the weather.
With an extensive menu to choose from, this place is primarily for those with Coastal taste buds. It is interesting to note that the food served is not as heavy or spicy as generally the Delhi food is. It gives more of a home cooked feeling. Hyderabadi Biryani and Mutton Korma were my favorite ones. The chicken was soft, fresh and full of spices. Really tasty. Our order was light, minimal and good in quantity.
The service is prompt and very friendly. The pricing has been done in such a way that it won't at all make a hole in your pockets. Cheap option amongst all the other restaurants in the village.
Highly Recommendede!!!

It was my very initial visit to this restaurant due to the hype created for its interiors and for being one of the best cafes to look out. And it definitely turned out to be the same.
As we placed ourselves on the comfortable sofas, I realized that every part of the place has been done up differently but pretty well, take it to be the first floor interiors or the terrace. The experience would be great if one prefers to sit on the terrace. In fact this same portion can very nicely be used for hosting parties. The music played is loud enough to be able to easily converse with your fellow friends.
Boombox serving the exotic Mexican and Chinese cuisine scores a 10/10 for food. Chilly potato's and mushrooms were favorites in the veg category. The nachos, enchiladas and Chicken 65 are worth trying. We even ordered fussili with creamy pesto sauce pasta which was also good to taste as well as in quantity. Though they serve liquor without any discrimination, you have to be a little choosey on it as they are quite pricey. But do ask for the offers as they sometimes run free drinks for ladies the whole day. Also they serve an amazing quality of hookahs which also enters in my %u2018must try' list.
"Bhains ki Aankh". No I am not abusing anyone but it is a dessert in their menu.
The food prices are a little expensive but its worth going for a hangout or probably a date.
Stick to the basics as exploring might not leave a lasting impact.

Having a passion for probing the various cuisines in the world, European cuisine being a particular one, I happen to be at "TRES" because of all the hype created by my fellow friends. But whenever I am exploring such a new dine place, I am always a little cynical as I had heard the contrasting reviews and ratings about this diner. Though criticism continues to laud, most customers had mixed opinions, if not being negative. I preferred giving it a chance before I make my inferences.
It was my late morning brunch at this nice comforting dim lighted restaurant. Interesting interiors with soft pale colors used.
Coming to the food, we ordered Olive oil Poached Chicken leg and Oven roasted Sea Bass. The latter had no great stakes yet it was eatable. The chicken leg is a compulsory mention in the %u2018mains' for all. With just the right amount of spice it had, this dish was delectable. We had even ordered Kombucha Iced Tea which was another relieving drink. As per the staff, Kombucha has a reputation of healing hundreds of ailments and is renowned as an anti-ageing treatment and a secret to retaining youthful looks. A must have for the girls going out there.
Pricing is a little on the expensive side. Very interesting thing I noticed (which generally doesn't happen at a Delhi restaurant) was that the chef joined our table to share our feedbacks. It was not her job to do the same; yet going a little out of the way definitely makes a great impact on the customer.
Have a good discussion with the staff on the food before you hit on anything. There are some unique things that make Tres, a recommended place to all.

Making an entrance into Café 27, situated at Kailash Colony, would definitely bring a thought into one's mind %u2013 What were the owners expecting of this place? Probably, they desired everything, so they brought everything under one roof- Restaurant, bar, hookah place, dance floor, cafe, lounge and what not.
This place has come in demand amongst the college teens in a small frame of time for birthday celebrations, parties, food, music and its décor( i don't doubt even a bit of it)e
The long yellow tiring stairs would lead you to a dark comfy environment with music loud enough to divert your attention and make you dance to its tunes; moving upwards is the dance floor and then comes the top floor (which is my personal favorite); white pebble stones with waterfall give the floor a pleasant charm.
My "all under one roof" statement holds true for the food as well. Indian, Chinese, American- they have it all. We preferred experimenting with pastas, chilli chicken tikkas, fish fingers and pizzas. To start with the worst, pizzas are horrible, not the authentic ones. Pastas and fish fingers are something to try out. Fish fingers- the more crunchy on the outside, the more soft and spongy it is from inside. A "Must have". Even the tikkas tasted great, cooked well, its aroma makes you want more and more.
Hookahs are overly priced and aren't at all commendable. Service is a little slow but they are very friendly.
To summarize it, a pleasing place to chill out with friends, the cheerful music would keep the mood upbeat. Word of advice to Café 27: hookahs aren't worth the price it's been charged, lower it down.
Ambience: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10

If you are down here for a movie and have after show dining plans, this could be an ideal place for trying out some amazing cuisines. Before stepping onto this first floor restaurant, have a good look at their regular offers displayed colorfully on a board at the entrance downstairs.
You'll be nicely greeted with a smile at the entrance from a North Eastern girl (it happened with me in my last visit) escorting you to the table. The interiors were simple having uncluttered seating, nothing out of the world ambience.
It provides a wide range of dishes from Mexican to American to Continental. So I preferred asking the best served from the staff itself. They are generous with their suggestions. A quick and courteous staff.
The pastas are delectable. It is available in ample quantity for two people. The pizzas are another fantastic option, crust being fresh and crunchy. We were pleasantly surprised at the preparation of the food. Even the presentation scores marks. Chicken Caccitore, in the main dish, is another delightful piece of food, cooked perfectly.
The regular offers provided, if availed, would be a cost effective experience. Otherwise prices have been charged reasonably. The slow soothing songs shall bring you into a relaxed mood.
Recommended for all ages.

Can it ever happen that a hardcore non-vegetarian is highly satisfied with an absolute vegetarian restaurant? I saw myself falling into that category when I recall my experience over here. Opened up recently opposite Venkateswara College, it is the perfect place for a bunch of friends to catch up at an affordable price with some really delectable food items to try out.
The ambience is calm and composed. One thing that I loved was that they have tried to keep their menu restricted to a particular cuisine as one doesn't get to see this at any place in satnik. They end up being master of all, jack of none. I tried the cheesy king burger, achari wrap and Pizza 101. All of them were just out of this world. The vegetables, the paneer used were absolutely fresh. The pizza and wrap sizes were adequate enough to fill two people's stomach.
The service is rather quick, decent staff. Even the washrooms were hygienic and very well maintained. I am bringing this point to notice as I have generally experienced good restaurants having the worst washrooms. A must try for all ages. Highly recommended.

In my journey from an innocent child to a hardcore foodie, I was always smitten towards Chinese food. Though I have momos more often, but I feel, it's the "WADA PAO" of Delhi. Berco's, which was top rated amongst the authentic Chinese Restaurants in town, has somehow lost its slot. However, by providing with the best service facilities and maintaining the food standards, it has not lost its magnetism.
It is very typical for anyone to be annoyed, at first place, for being shifted to "not so easy to locate" spot. Reservations advised if visiting on Saturdays, Sundays or Friday evening. The interiors are warm and appealing but not really peaceful, as you hear a lot of chattering on your adjacent tables.
The service is slow as my order is always served late but they are friendly and polite. They'll always be at your beck and call. Although the restaurant is known for Chinese, it serves Thai as well. Chicken Hongkong, Chicken Drumsticks and Shredded Chicken in hot garlic sauce have been my hot favorites. In the Thai Cuisine, do try the Thai green curry with steamed rice. It'll develop love for Thai food. This place offers a wide variety for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. The presentation of the food is gorgeous, warm and would fill your stomachs to the neck.
The prices are lower than other Chinese restaurants in central Delhi or in town. Some may find the restaurant to be shabby and scruffy for being at such a %u2018WOW' location (a sarcasm) but I assure you that you'll leave with a smile. All in all, a sober place to dine out.