we took 6 days package to Darjeeling, kalimpong and gangtok last week(9th june-15 th june)from Bangalore.
It is the worst holiday we had till now. It is an eye-opener for us that we should plan ,book and have our holidays on our own not thro somebody inorder to save money, time and mental stress.
We reached kalimpong on 9th and proceed to our hotel. Next day we are supposed to visit some orchid gardens, and 2 monastery and other sight seeings as per itinery. The vehicle arranged for us was somewhat ok but the driver "sorry".He just took us to 2 monasteries for just 10 mts and hurried to a way side garden (supposed to be a orchid garden). When we asked him about the original garden visit he refused to take us and answer any of our queries.
He immly zapped through and dumped us in Darjeeling and vanished.We had no clue where we are or where our hotel is!
Next day we are to go to tiger hill to see kanganjenga at 3.30 a.m. we were ready and waiting for the driver from 3.30 am and no news about him. Finally we woke him up at 4.30 and came to pick us up at 5.00am. By the time the sun has already rise and we couldn't see sun-rise at tiger-hill which is the high light of the tour.
He skipped other sight seeings and dumped us again at gangtok taxi stand to reach our hotel.
Gangtok was another sad story. First day we had our own tour programme since the tour operator failed to do anything as per the itinery.Next day was the worst day in our life as we literally feared for our life. The driver we had ,picked every girl in the road and started giggling and we felt highly uncomfortable at one point.when we refused to pick another bunch of girls from the road side the driver started behaving in a "VERY"rude manner.we spent just 10 minites in Chango lake and babamandir and rushed back to gangtok.When ever we raised an objection the driver will raise the volume of the tape-recorder to the highest with only one song from M&M (googeld it later) F***off and mother F***er . My teen aged daughter was with us in this ordial.we were literally saved by a group of INDIAN ARMY SOLIDERS whom we gave lift back to gangtok.
In all these ordials we tried to contact kouni travels to whom we were out-sourced, who in tern out sourced us to city travel and tours(siluguri-who is supposed to meet us in Bagdogra and who never did)who again outsourced us to Mr.Sudeep at Darjeeling who we never met and who never cared to contact or answer our calls, finally out soursed in gangtok to Mr.Haroon who washed his hands after took our money.

it is my request to all who are planning to take a trip with these tours and travel who promise u the heaven ,think twice . it is better u search the place, hotel and flights than have heart burns.(the hotels are good with local knowledge and the drivers are accountable and decent,polite)

SORRY , SOTC,KUNAI travels, City tours and travels, Sudeep, Haroon this tiour is an eyeopener and we will never ever want to take a tour with u people again.