Feel The Steel are specialist tattooists in New Delhi. They have a tattoo studio in New Delhi where they can tattoo you with any tattoo designs at most affordable price.

suroor lounge is a restaurant with grand and attractive interiors for organising various parties. Its food quality is superb specially its non-veg item. Its provide world class service.

Hotel aketa is the popular among its customers who have good and memorable choice fitting to their pocket. Its food are very tasty and best service with its well behaved staff is an addon.

Skinnovative has many branches in the city and the best thing is that its discount packages can be availed in any branch. It has a team of skilled and freindly staff givng you best sevice in the city at affordable price.

hair and beauty point provides Anti-ageing products which gives you fresh and innovative face as well as healthy and shining hair. Its expert and well trained staff are always eager to give you best servcie.

Dr Bhanushalis Ayurveda & Panchkarma follows unique techniques to cure its patient by just checking pulse diagnosis without getting exposure to any harmful rays. Its consultants are expert in Sirodhara, Abhyangam, Steam thearpy, Basti, And Consultation.

Ayurvedic treatments offered at Aaraadhanaa Ayurveda & Panchkarma clinic by means of panchkarma helps you uproot your health problems forever without any side effects. Its very reliable with its experienced staff.

OMZ Hair Spa & Salon is known for transforming dull skin and lackluster hair into glowing skin and smooth, shiny hair. It is the perfect place where you actually feel relaxed and refreshed and this at most reasonable price.

Impulse Health Clinic is the place which takes full care of your Health. Its Weight Loss Program will surely give you new look making you fit n slim. it is very popular in the city. Its expert and skilled proffesionals gives best skin treatment.

The Skin Centre gives best skin treatment at most affordable price. Its expert proffessionals are highly skilled and equipped with latest technological equipment to give you healthy and glowing skin.

If you want to go for hair cut, want to get lustrous and silky hair, all is done by the skilled beauticians at Ecstasy Salon & Salon very effectively. It hair stylist are very famous in the city. It gives best service at most affordable price.

Le Spalon is a beautiful place to get relaxed and get spa treatments done especially after a tiring week. The spa is very well maintained and it emits really beautiful fragrance giving you stress free time.

Flip salon & Spa offers quality beauty and spa services. You can choose from regular cosmetic to herbal or ayurvedic any kind of beauty treatment. They treat you with utmost care and respect.

Sukho Thai Foot Spa is best known for its best service in Aroma Oil body Massage & Manicure as its therapist are expert in this. Its expertices in Foot Spa giving best in the city at most reasonable price.

sashaa spa provides many discount packages with expert therapist. It experises in thai massage. It is located in very beautiful location. Its foot spa is very popular in the city.

The Golden Tree Spa uses ayurvedic oil and lotions, thus making your body healthy. The medicinal properties of these oils have healing properties helping you get rid of your headache, feet ache, whatever pain it be. Its a superb way to get your body relax and make it energetic for the coming week ahead.

Ayu spa & Ayurveda offers variety of theapies for entire body. The therapist and masseurs here are well trained and give the best massage with variation in pressure as per our need, thus making us relax our muscles. Sukho Thai Foot Spa has been very beautifully decorated and even the lights here are pretty, they give a cool and relaxed feeling.

Sai Car Spa & Royal Arya Motors expert mechanics who are always eager to give you best servcie in the city by maintaining you car. Its gives discount time to time without costing more.

Livius Car Care Solutions provides full body wash with diesel and also cleaning and polishing, which makes you car sparkling beauty, it brings good results. Then for interiors the vaccum cleaning and oil and water level check up, brakes and gear inspection all of these things assures that your car is updated and well maintained.

Car Care Clinic is very good service station for getting your car serviced. They check your car thoroughly and wash it spic and span and clean it so well even internally, that you would feel you have bought a new car. Great service. The charges for the servicing are so affordable.