Saks Hair & Beauty India, Waterfield Road
Saks offers the best in beauty services with a wide variety to choose from. It's wonderful to look at so many options and treatments. The quality of service is excellent and the interiors are very relaxing.The ambiance is very relaxing and the staff is very polite. I have had very good experience with the stylists.

Dosa Plaza, Jayanagar
Tastes so authentically south indian with sambhar curry in its perfect taste pleasing our stomach. As generally , sambhar is available on higher levels of spices.They have a huge menu with over a 100 variety of dosas and most of them are supposed to be really good.

De'Charms, Jubilee Hills
57/'A' Journalist Colony , Road No.70, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
is one of the finest saloons to cut your hair. they ave all kinds of latest technology and skill to groom your hair to perfection. a good supportive staffs is plus point.

Eastern Diner, Koramangala
Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bangalore

This would be a very romantic restaurant. They even organize karaoke and call some singers on friday nights. perfect place for a candle light dinner.

Love Barista... nice place to hang out with family, friends!!! Love the rich choco shake n Slimmers veg sandwich, veg paneer tikka roll esp.... other veg sandwiches n pastas are also gud... n d chocolate pastry is yum.

I have actually forgotten the number of times i visit this place for lunches and dinners. One of my favorite places in all sense be it the service or the food. I just love the coziness of the place. Very romantic with the candle on each table and most of all its clean and tidy too. Hope the prices are reduced or atleast not increased so that i can continue to visit. Cheers!

tasty food & really worth for money. far better than many big hotels in kormangala Tasty food at affordable price..i suggest to try once and u will know the result by ur own.

Overall experience was nice, as the stay at Adhoos was also a pleasure and the hospitality of the manager was really good. There was a confusion regarding the Booking on line but the staff cooperated in good manner.

Best Experience: The hospitality and food was great at the hotel.

Adarsh Hamilton Hotel : "Great service , friendly staff and lovely food" The most friendliest and ever welcoming staff. The in room dining was excellent and one of the cleanest hotels we lived in. Everything is close by to this hotel from shopping to eateries and night clubs. a good hotel to live in. Definitely value for money.

Tom's Hotel We found it because of the the Lonely Planet. Arriving Bangalore late one night it was a bit scary walking down MG road. We stopped at Brindavan Hotel, also recommended by LP, and we scared that our options were going to be bad. We decided to take a Tuk Tuk after walking the dark streets after midnight. The Driver of course had many "suggestions" for hotels. We insisted he take us to TOMS HOTEL.

Were thrilled to see the condition when we arrived. It was very well kept, fresh paint, well lit, and the staff was super friendly. They brought water up to our very clean, well lit room after I called the desk to see if they had any. Great Service. There was free wirelless and a free Breakfast. We had the Room for 24 hours after we checked in which is very unususal but very nice.

It is a little bit noisy, as the traffic wakes up in the morning. This could be avoided by getting an AC room and closing the windows. It was overall a fantastic value for what we paid.

Highly Recommended

The Taj West End This hotel is great really, but it gave me a bad impression right from the start. They smell of maximal profiteering.

I came with a business colleague, on the same flight. They have to send 2 cars instead of one.

I needed 2 nights stay but they have to book me for 3. My Indian colleague gave my flight details to the hotel. I was booked on a late evening flight. Normally I will check out at noon. But what they did, they book me in for another night. When I checked in, I asked them to cancel the last night. They refused. Their policy is 72 hours notice which I think is ridiculous. Most hotel will not penalise you for staying 2 nights even if you have booked for 3. And in my case, they should not have even booked me for the last night. They will not even offer me a half rate even though I checked out in the evening. I didnt put up a big fuss since my company was paying, otherwise I will certainly be very upset.

Room wise, it has spacious, luxurious suites. I believe even the bottle of wine in the room is complimentary.

The hotel is set in a large and lush garden. In this respect, it cannot be any better. It has 2 nice pools amidst the garden surroundings.

This hotel is one that will make you feel guilty living like a prince while people live in make shift huts out there.

The so called Vietnamese restaurant is more like an Asian fusion place. The food is mediocre.

Staff are courteous throughout.

In summary, a really luxurious place and you will be pampered. But beware of their blatant profiteering!!

Kolveri let me to groove the music if the latest foot tapping rap song that every one will love to hear it & one of the best thing about this is that any one who does not dance will start dancing to this tune I love this tune to grove as it sets the pace for the dance n music

ookin for a great is the place to be...
Hanz is an amazing tattoo artist and on top of tht an amazin was my first tattoo and i was too scared to gt it dne bt then he made me feel rili comfortable and frankly speaking it wasnt tht painful atall....the end result was too good...i love my tattoo a lot..its a smal one bt exactly the way i wanted it...
Hanz is very professional and mumbai ink a very clean hygienic place...also the tattoo care tips he gives are rili rili helpful....all coz of them i did nt freak out the first week i saw my tattoo....
my next tattoo is definately gonna be frm Hanz...and i wish u luck......keep up the good work and may u gt all the success.....All the Best......!!!!!!!!!!!

Dried Ginger Powder has medicinal effects and it used in all South Indian Sweet puddings.

Dry ginger eliminates phlegm, gives relief from stomachache and cures broken voice due to sore throat. It cleans the colon, reduces spams and cramps and stimulates circulation. It is used to treat colitis, nausea, gas, indigestion, bowel disorders, morning sickness, motion sickness,vomiting, congestion, fever and headaches. It is strong antioxidant and effective microbial agent for sores and wounds.

Gajar ka Halwa was first introduced by the Shikhs traders of the Punjab during the Mughal period and the name originates from an Arabic word "Halwa", which means "sweet" and it is made from carrot (in Hindi: Gajar) so that it is known as Gajar ka Halwa (meaning pudding of carrot or Halwa of carrot). It is traditionally eaten during all of the festivals in India, mainly on the occasion of Diwali, Holi and Raksha Bandhan. The Gajar Ka Halwa is served hot during winters.Today I am going to share with you the secret of a perfect gajar ka halwa. Let's get cooking a bollywood style "maa ke haatho ka halwa".

Carrot: 1 Kg (shredded)
Condensed Milk: 200gm
Full cream Milk: 1 liter
Sugar: 1 cup
Clarified butter: 1/2 cup
Unsalted Dry fruits: 1 cup finely chopped (I am using walnut, almond and raisin)


1) Put all the shredded carrot and milk in a big Karahi (or a Wok) on a medium high flame. Let it simmer and cook for 30 minutes stirring every occasionally.
2) Cook till the carrot are soft and milk is almost evaporated. Add Condensed milk, sugar and dry fruits. Mix well and keep stirring until it run dry.
3) Time to add desi ghee (Clarified Butter). Stir it regularly mixing the halwa with ghee for approximately 10-15 minutes until its changes its color to a darker shade and become chewy. All you need is a bit of patience while cooking and your halwa will be perfect chewy and yummy.
4) Serve it hot with some cold vanilla ice cream and treat yourself and family with god's food.

This sweet can be served warm as well refrigerated for some time and served with Vanilla flavored ice cream. The second option tastes delicious on a sunny day afternoon or after a spicy meal.

A delicious and of course effort involving (grating the carrots if you don't have a processor) sweet! If you manage to get grated carrots or get it grated from some one, Then this will be a sweet that you will be making often.
Carrot Halwa can be made in large quantity and be refrigerated. When ever you want to have it warm, microwave for few seconds and will taste like just made.

sony ericsson is far better than in terms of camera quality and sound quality.i used almost all brands.i am sure that sony is the best don't go with nokia its a really shitty phone.a person who use same range sony and nokia.he must hate all friends now change their phone to sony its the time for transformation.i am asking these things just use 14500 rupees sony ericsson xperia ray.its have 720p hd video recording,8mp camera hd display.u just use any other brand phone for the same price you must go with sony.its true factor.when you compare any phone you must consider how much rupees it costs.other ways your comparison may be a failure.

Apple iPhone 5 : starts from Rs.44,500

Best Smartphone worldwide , now officially available in India
Amazing User Interface
Siri %u2013 Voice based intelligent personal assistant
Stylish , Slim , Premium design
4-inch capacitive multi-touch screen , IPS display tech , Retina display , High resolution (1136 x 640 Pixel )
High speed 3G , WiFi
16GB/32GB/64GB storage options
8MP rear camera , Full HD video recording .VGA front camera

Like all buying decisions, price is always the deciding factor and here, Micromax is ahead by a mile. With a price difference of nearly Rs.6,000, which is a lot, the Canvas HD A116 makes a much better purchase overall. It has a denser and better looking display, scores well in terms of build and finish, has the latest Android flavour, very good multimedia capabilities, good front and rear camera, powerful processor and, to top it all off, has very decent battery life. The only major things going against the Canvas HD are the lack of timely updates (if any) and the fact that you can't use it anywhere in the world if you travel a lot. Samsung takes care of these shortcomings in the Grand Duos, but we feel the premium is not worth paying since the rest of the feature simply don't match and are rather inferior to the Canvas HD. Also, once we start getting custom ROMs from the good folks at XDA, it's not going to be so much of a problem.

If you are still scratching your head about which one to pick, we recommend the Canvas HD over the Galaxy Grand.

The best DTH for viewing cricket & movies is none other than AIRTEL DTH, the quality is superb with no compromise on the quality by the service providers even on the non HD channels it seems you are watching HD channels & there customer support is also very courteous & supportive n listen to you