This restaurant is part of a chain across the country and has in its favour its location, right in front of the Railway Station. It is air conditioned and hence a relief from the dust and heat or cold outside.

McDonalds is close to my heart because I could go there even when I was a teenager and did not have much money and also did not want to eat at roadside eateries because of hygiene. Wow, such an affordable restaurant with up to the mark facilities. Love you.

Mathivathani hi-tech beauty parlour's service is very fantastic as his name.Hi-tech. Its very special thing is its reasonable price with its very attractive offers. All kinds of facial serve in this beauty parlour.

The menu looked interesting at Shivers Garden Restaurant & Bar - and the food matched it. Lots of great choices and nice taste. The service was very good.

Kewa Ayurveda Health Care is the good center to any type of treatment and Here all Staff member is so talented and good behavior. Here free consultation by good doctor.

They have the best collection of side orders. I simply love their choco lava cake. When you eat a choco lava cake from dominos, make it a point to eat it while it is hot. If you eat the cake after some 15 minutes from when it is served they become hard. The dominos choco lava cake tastes best when it is ate with the liquid chocolate filling in the melted and hot state.

Chill Out Bar - Hotel Aishwariya Park is the best restaurant . It is the best choice for family and it is really the nice place. Its dining space is so good and decorative.

Food at breakfast was so awful that I decided to not have lunch here. And they allow smoking inside. Rooms are not very big but comfortable enough to ensure a sound sleep. Well maintained, clean. Good staff and Polite Staff

Kwality Restaurant is the best place where couple can enjoy with special food. Here Non Veg is so famous and quality is so good. Here waiter is so good and give information about if u dont know any particular item. I often go here with friends as it's a great place. I love the kebabs and the continental dishes specially. To add to it all, you need not to shell out more money for eating. It has a lovely ambiance, pleasant staff- overall and great presentation of food.

Kwality Restaurant is best place to celebrate. I have been a regular at Kwality for more than a decade now. What you can expect is a clean place to dine, great food, very good service.

just love ice cream and if its from Baskin Robbins
then i cant control myself.great taste amazing flavers just love it too much...i think i need to go to grab it right now i mean just writing about it bring water in my mouth yummy

its superb nd continues the tradition of creating ice cream flavors around historic moments and periods as well as honoring pop cultural figures, both real and fictional
i personally favor dis restaurant as such have loving taste .,...

I love you edible chocolate bar from Jubel chocolates. We enjoyed the real cream chocolate and the imported Chocolates. you can get real taste of chocolate they are totally awesome. TRULY AWESOME

Situated in a very pleasant atmosphere makes your mind completely calm, cool and fresh and always having a feeling of Refreshment. They have got a very helping Staff and polite too.

the taste was good along with services of sai la javab restaurent when we go for dinner with my wife. they offered very tasty soup.We enjoyed a lot. some article are very expensive to choose in dinners ...or lunch but overall impression was good. Sai La Javab Restaurant outlet is a center for specially non veg items that we like most is available here. The point, most of the is the location of this is superb and item is delicious and lagig.

Perfect travel services in Rajasthan for if you are fond of luxury. It has also have the facility for tour guide for tourists. The food is amazing in Rajasthan Voyages too.

Excellent International Hotel. Hotel Tirupati International is just the place you are looking for if you want a luxurious stay. The staff too is very helping and polite.

Not good . . .They really should not write that they have outdoor seating because I really don't think anyone would want to sit there and eat. As far as home delivery is concerned, they take 3 hours to deliver a meal!! The most frequent excuses are the vehicle suffered a break-down. This excuse was given all the 3 times we ordered food.

Very Very Tasty Chocolates are found here in Kanny Chocolates. Chocolates of almost every flavor and every company. They are also affordable. Milk Chocolates are the best here.

Dream Destinations are very good travel services. They have got a very supporting staff. The staff is very polite and good too and they are very friendly.