I arranged a surprise b'day party for my hubby dear at 64/6, County Inn. I do not have the words to explain my exquisite experience. It was just picture perfect. People still remember and talk about that flawless experience. Perfect after a hectic week because I did not do a single thing and went there like a guest.

I really appreciate the HOHO Bus Service initiative. It has become so easy to see entire Delhi in one day and that also so conveniently and at a moderate price. Earlier all this was really difficult and expensive.

I could never gather the courage to go to U.S. Pizza after some of my friends told me that if you want to spoil your taste as well as money, do visit this place. I love pizza and cannot afford to have a bad experience.

Some people are allergic to certain chemicals and they do not even know this unless they fall prey for some infection kind of a thing. Some people are even allergic to henna tattoos too. They come to know only after getting it done.

Some people are allergic to certain chemicals and they do not even know this unless they fall prey for some infection kind of a thing. Some people are even allergic to henna tattoos too. They come to know only after getting it done.

Dee Taste of India's offer seems tempting. Had they given offer for dinner, I would have availed it long back but going for lunch is a difficult task because of work and other engagements.

Whenever you get something done on your body, be it piercing, tattooing or laser treatment etc., have enough details beforehand like reactions, post treatment care, side effects and all.

After getting the tattoo done, your job is not over rather it starts. You have to LEARN TO TAKE CARE of your tattoos (as recommended by the tattoo artist) otherwise you can really get into trouble.

You can get infections from tattoos or any process involving piercing the skin but it's important to do your research and make sure you go to a reputable artist that practices good sanitation.

Trying to remove a tattoo can leave you with a very bad infection which lasts for long and requires proper medication. So be sure if you want to have a tattoo which stays with you for your entire life.

I have seen some really bad infection caused by tattoo. I am really scared of it and would not suggest anyone to get a tattoo inked anywhere on your body. It can spoil your skin permanently.

Earlier I had a Ford Icon. It was really difficult to maintain it because of its high maintenance cost and fuel consumption. I have Indigo CS now and am really happy with it. It runs on diesel and mileage is good and maintenance does not cost much.

McDonalds is close to my heart because I could go there even when I was a teenager and did not have much money and also did not want to eat at roadside eateries because of hygiene. Wow, such an affordable restaurant with up to the mark facilities. Love you.

I am a BIG wali Domino's fan. I love Pizza. I have tried it at 100 places but Domino's makes the BEST pizza. They have altogether different Garlic bread sticks and I love their cheesy dip too. I am in love with Domino's and I like everything about them.

Undoubtedly ice-creams at this outlet are too good. But I find Baskin Robbins' Ice creams a bit pricey. There are other outlets which offer same kind of flavors but they are not that expensive.

Very much average type. Ambience was not too good. Food was average. Price was on a higher side if compared with other top restaurants in the same vicinity. Won't dare to go there again. It was a holiday even though the entire restaurant was vacant.

I really love this concept of treating ourselves like a king/queen for a day, having 15-20 things in a thali in a traditional style. Great!
Food was mouthwatering, piping hot and fresh. Staff was courteous. I liked it.

Nirula's Ice creams are just too yummy especially %u2018Hot Chocolate Fudge'. The first time I ate Hot chocolate*****was at Nirula's. I don't relish their food much. But people who like home cooked, less spicy, normal kind of food would relish it too.

I have got my hair rebonded thrice. My first rebonding was at Govind Pacific. And I must admit that I have never got that look again. I got a perfect cut, color and straightening. I haven't tried their other services but hair services are excellent.

I never relished south-indian food. I first went to Dosa Plaza out of no choice. But since then I have started going there quiet frequently.
Dosa Plaza has got amazing collection of fusion foods. I never imagined that dosa or idli could be so mouth watering. I simply love their range of Chinese dosas. I tried the same thing at Dosa N Chutni but the taste and quality stand nowhere if compared to Dosa Plaza. Even the price is lesser than other restaurants and the service is excellent. Full marks.