You can eat in or take away. The eating area is spacious and modern, large tables for families and smaller tables for couples. The food was lovely, very large pieces of chicken and a huge amount of chips. The prices were very good too.

You can see where ever u go in bang, you will find one Mcd, no need to starve for food where ever u go happy happy enjoy time with Mcd. All items are too good in McDonald's

It's just the kind of name which makes you desire for food. The name is synonymous with quality. amazing food, great price. The kind of place you would like to take your family and friends. The offers are really mindblowing and is any day better than KFC or any other similar brand.

Simply the Best. Dominos is the best place for Pizzas. The Pizza Mania series are a game changer as they are light on the pocket and yet delicious. The cheese burst and thin crust are exemplary and so are the add ons and sides. Terrific place and a must visit for all Pizza Lovers!

Bajaj avenger is best for roadie but looking for a stunt i suggest pulsar 200NS is the perfect bike with powerful engine and also it look like its design made for the stunt.

A roadie is someone who is not afraid to face new obstacles in life and go on against odds. That is what defines the new pulsar. It is a mixture of muscles, power and beauty. The new pulsar 200 NS looks amazingly muscular and good looking. That is kind of bike which would make me feel like a roadie. The mileage it gives is also great which adds to its allure. The dashing new colors yellow, blue and black are amazing.

Samsung galaxy grand is best if you go through the brand and looking for good features in small amount i suggest micrmax canvas is ok from any other brand.

Micromax Canvas are better than Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Performance wise Canvas will be better by a fair margin. Two things go in favor of Grand Duos better camera and better battery life. One more thing is %u2018Samsung'. Built in quality will be better and opportunity of JellyBean v4.2. Although Micromax is claiming Android 4.2 JellyBean roll out will happen but I doubt. Nothing else! Save money and go for Canvas.

Samsung galaxy Grand is best when looking in to all features. clarity, brand, and no problem about service center all over India then Micromax. looking to experience samsung brand can trust but not micromax. No problem if we give 10k more from micromax.

I think most of the DTH players are changing to HD access. Dish TV is the best to watch cricket and cinemas when am at my home and satisfied with them.

The best choice according to me is dish tv. The difference I find with my previous DTH is the amazing picture and sound quality. It makes watching movies and matches a treat. I'm a big fan of football and watching it on Dish tv makes it a worthwhile experience. An add on is that they also provide a mobile version.

I would also like to spend the weekend at kudremukh. A good location for partying were climate condition is chill throughout the day. Many places are bounded nearby for trekking, Forest safari and lovely falls across will make the tour memorable.

Madikery is the best place to enjoy the weekende cool breeze all over coffee estate and full of greenery place in between small hotels with best foods. We never feel the hot of sun in madikery so I like madikery.

We people are crazy about cricket and we focus on what we like and not for which game is our national gamee if hockey players played well and if they had brought any one cup to India in international game then I can say that little people might like hockey.

India s leading online greeting card makers for all the occasions and festivals in India we can send online greeting cards at anywhere in India. it is one of the best website to send greeting cards.

BASKIN Robbins ice creams are very expensive but they are very delicious. i have tasted it only once and i liked it lot for the first time. they have huge verity of ice creams

Sun Burn is the festival anyone with a passion for music and entertainment would go to. It's an amazing destination for anyone in love with food and music. The performance of the different bands and musicians make your trip to Goa all the more the more worthwhile.

Samsung galaxy S3 is undoubtedly the most famous and best phone not only in the Indian but also the international market. It has an amazing display along with matching hardware. The phone is built to play a wide variety of movie and music formats. This is really useful and almost eliminates the need for having a laptop or computer for playing music or movies. The camera is also world class with amazing photos. Until the next Samsung flagship releases this would be the best phone.

The mileage would matter the most because of the increase in fuel rates. That would be the first thing any person would look at. Then would come the brand. So a car which would give amazing looks and comes with good mileage would be the best option. Looks count to some extent but going by today's trend the cars are pretty good looking. It's just the mileage with matter and which varies between models.

I would tell her that I have some urgent work and that I won't be able to meet her. The I will go to her house and wait. She would be disappointed that she couldn't meet me. She would be surprised that the date is not cancelled. I would then take her out for a walk on the beach and then to a movie. A perfect gift would be pair of diamond earring.