My name is Raaj Dharmani, I'm 34 years old & work as an Asst. Vice President with one of the top 7 Market Research companies in India.

I contacted Guitar Monk in the month of March'17 & spoke to Mr. Srini who happens to be one of the business partners. Without any reference checks or center visits i shown my keenness to join 1 year CRP programme (since the trust on name of Kapil Srivastava made me not to doubt the credibility, which i now feel was a big mistake on my part) & enrolled by paying the complete 1 year fee in advance. Though i specifically asked for the classes in their GK center as this is nearest to my house & was enrolled by Srini for the very same center.

I was kept under the impression by Srini & Priyanka that the GK center is going on under renovation & initial few classes have been shifted to our Hauz Khas center & later they will be shifted back to the original center i.e. GK.

Upon reaching Hauz Khas on 11th June'17 the instructor Mr. Ashwin told me that Guitar Monk has no centers of their own & also that the GK classes were being held at Hauz Khas Kidzee school as GK place has been closed down (I was shocked to know that Priyanka was hiding this fact till date & never told me that i have to take all the classes in Hauz Khas "Kidzee" only, if i knew this probably i would have opted out of it).

When i tried to raise certain issues (mentioned below) to Priyanka on phone, my calls were completely avoided & i was blocked by her on WhatsApp which leaves me in the dilemma as even Srini has completely ignored my calls.

1) I enrolled in March'17 & was told by Srini that the classes will start in Mid-May but they even started late by 1 month & on top of it the instructor Ashwin informed me & other 2 students present in the class that there will be no more classes for next 1 month as the previous batch is still running & he was sent forcefully by Priyanka today since its already delayed so much.

2) The timings were 10-12 PM but the instructor reached only at 10:30 AM. Don't we respect timings?

3) I was suppose to receive a Guitar frm Guitar-monk but got a last minute call frm Priyanka (on 10th June evening) that it could not be arranged. I think this is highly unprofessional for any institute to do so with the students.

4) There's no formal curriculum frm Guitar-monk as how will these 40 classes proceed forward. Upon asking Ashwin in the class he said there's no such thing here & please contact Priyanka on such type of queries, which obviously Priyanka has no clue about & didn't bother to answer.

On top of it i have been accused by Srini saying i have harassed Priyanka on phone & they have recordings for the same. I would like to personally hear them as the accusation made is quite serious in nature & any one doing so such should be punished severely even if it's me.

Another accusation by Srini was that i misbehaved with the instructor in the class also came as a surprise to me as when i called & confirm the same frm Ashwin , he told me that there's no such thing has been reported by him to Srini & maybe he is adding things frm his side. Utter dismay to the profession & never expect someone to stoop down so low just to make the other person feel inferior.

Probably now the dream which i had for long may die down eventually as I'm being given the impression that since i have paid you full amount & the ball is in their court so i will have to take all the non-sense being giving which is really hurting my self-respect at the moment.

I have nowhr to go as your people are not taking calls which only leaves me with some email IDs & to wait for the revert on others mercy.

Tried to search for Kapil Srivastava's personal contact but couldn't get though so wrote a mail to him but no revert frm his side rather a vague mail though their support ID came which was through some random unprofessional guy who didn't even know my correct name & was threatening me with some rude obnoxious words.