Bigbasket are thieves. Their website has so many bugs frm 2 days I am trying to place an order and some bug or the other. I was trying to apply the 250 off coupon on my first order. The staff have no idea of how the site works and each one gives a different advice. Finally when I got the order through it deducted the amount but did not reflect in the order. I had a transaction Id i was pretty sure that this will not get automatically refunded to my bank as the money was transferred to Big Basket.
But the customer Service both on call and email gave me the canned response that it will automatically be refunded without even bothering to check. I showed them the transaction Id screenshot. SO I waited its not a total of 20 days I am yet to get my money back. 7 Days ago they told the money would take maximum 6 days to refund(after I told them the money was not refunded after 10 days) No sign. I sent them a follow up email but no response.
SO beware while everything might work fine for you people. Just remember unlike other online reputed shopping companies Big Basket has not system in place for instant refund.
They dont even care I told them I wont buy frm them again and write about it on social media. Nothing. If such a thing happens with Amazon they will even give you a 200 rupees Gift coupon for the next order. Here it seems just like Peppertap and other online grocery shopping startup. BIG basket is only bothered about signups on their app. They have not intention of running a serviceable business. They just want to get maximum signs up and sell their company to a bigger player. Its becoming a trend with most online startups in India.