I recently had a massage and spa . frm the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt relaxed and well taken care of. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and staff! Thank you.

Your classes and instructors are wonderful! I love going to Best Fitness because the classes are so effective, fun and your instructors are the best I've encountered in years of going to many classes at other gyms. I especially want to recommend

I have greying, frizzy, unruly hair that has been over processed. he was able to tone down the yellow and give me more of a natural color with the added benefit of my hair looking less dry and damaged. he also cut it so that the bushiness and fullness was softer. A very nice environment. I also love the phyto products which I had not used before. I will highly recommend the salon to friends.

This was one of the best hair cuts I've ever had. excellent skills. Lovely salon, friendly service from check-in to paying. And Best products were used. In one word Awesome... would like to visit again.

You never know what you will get when you walk into a salon for the first time. One person's "love it " is another person's "meh". I was very impressed with the vibe of this salon. No blaring techno music, no attitude, no big egos, no phoniness. It struck me as just a professional salon whr everyone takes their craft and their clients seriously. Soft music, soft voices, but everyone seemed to be enjoy being there. I was very pleased and look forward to being a regular customer

The decor is shabby chic and very pleasant as a place to hangout with friends or to grab a solo lunch in a cafe setting.Food always tastes yummy with a crown too energetic and with fun overloaded, so is this place. With a great collection of menu dishes and staff, the place is worth my visit again and again. Good food and great place to hangout. MONEY SPENT IN THE BEST

I've been to saloon since 8 months this is the best salon till i have visit in my life I like the service of the salon very much and i am always welcomed like a member of the family the staff is expert and have good knowledge about their work their suggestion is always useful to me the products they use is branded yet cheap the service is not to costly and i always feel worth paying to them.

I decided to bring my friend in for a spa Without a doubt, this place deserves its 5 stars. As we arrived, person asked if we wanted tea/water and if we needed to use the restroom. They than gave us a sheet where we would mark what areas we wanted the masseuses to focus a bit more on. Since we got the Aroma stress relief massage we also were able to pick out aroma of fragrance.We than were walked into a room whr the magic would begin and we were instructed of what to do prior to beginning our massage.Their was relaxing music and the citrus aroma I chose was soothing.  I definitely recommend to other person!