not the cheapest place to have a cup of coffee.
but the mydala deal wherein you get one free on one purchase makes it a good deal. The outlet was neat, clean and very hygienic. One additional star for being a wifi zone.

pathetic service.
fake people.
tell you that this is free that is free, but ultimately you will charged very high even the treatment is temporary and new hairs growth is very slow and gives wig feeling

Went to Baskin Robbins with whole family, had a good time, good ambience. The two workers there were very friendly and assisted us with the best of flavours since we were going for the first time.
The icecreams are surely costly but also the cost mentioned against each flavour is exclusive of tax which would surprise people going for the first time during bill payment

i went to dominos pizza in secunderabad with my friend ordered pizza loved it also the ambience everything was great.
also they provide home delivery.
but what is the worst part of this store is the cost which is beyond the budget of a normal lay man otherwise everything is star less for the price

i have been to this place with my friend i feel the items offered are very less when compared to is not attractive and the food is not at all spicy one gets the feeling as if he is eating some patient's overall i would suggest you try some other restaurant than this one.

i liked some of the items in the thali but not all contents.but they never gave any cereal asked for the same time saying we cant give this for the second time.some items of menu in thali change daily so i suggest if anyone out here wish to go first enquire about the menu cause you would love to eat something you love rather than eating just for the sake of eating.but i will suggest you try some other place than this, because i didnot find the menu that attractive so was only eating up with single cereal.hope this post is helpful.

Dear Mr.Rashid , We apologize if we have caused any inconvenience to you . I would like to clarify about the two problems you faced. 1. About serving Cereal only once . Sir , we do not have any such rule Hence we serve it directly in the buffet. 2. Changing Menu - We cannot stick to the same menu everyday since customers would like to eat different food everyday . And this does not happen only in our Restaurant but each and every Restaurant has rotation of menu. Thank you.

By Merchant 27 April 2013