The location is C. R. Park Market No II. Rooms are workable. Service and breakfast are average in standard. The front Desk staff lack professionalism. I have observed a drop in the service quality of the hotel with respect of time.

First I should say the atmosphere is clean and friendly. The artists are social and easy to talk to. .I was impressed by my first visit and the atmosphere coupled with the good reviews is why I decided to have my design immortalized on my shoulder..

Daksh Ayurveda Clinic is a good center for Ayurvedic treatment. Really nice & effective..I found Ayurveda treatment at DAKSH AYURVEDA very effective for problems regarding proper digestion & dark skin..

Ganesha speaks is just a money making webiste.I had asked them a question .They replied in a way that was similar to my question. They only gave some stupid remedies which I hadn't asked for..

Though just a tad overpriced, I would trust The royal enrich with my hair !! The stylists there give you exactly what you want without making you cringe every time you look at the mirror for the next couple of months!!

I did the research and stopped by the shop and discussed my current ink and my plans forward with artist, artist was able to pick up where my old artist left off. My old artist was great, but the work this artist just did for me is some of the best (Black and gray) work I've ever seen, he freehanded the layout and there is so much detail, depth and life to the work I will only let this artist do my work from now on.

d best tatto i hv evr seen... thanx guys 4 making me uniqe n special... i tohh like ma tatto thanx a lot..i think the ink of rip tattoos lajpat2 was good and last long.I'm really happy with RIP Tattoo..I will always go back to RIP.

Food simply isnt good, sometimes too salty, sometimes just weird. At the most, you could pick a simple beer snack like Chilli Chicken or Masala Peanuts or something that no one could possibly mess up!!ese guys have the longest happy hours, and they give you 2 pitchers of Kingfisher for like 600 bucks..Recommended

Artist is the most AMAZING body piercer ever! After a few positive experiences with that shop at Uttam Nagar,Delhi. Artist is the MOST knowledgable body piercer I have EVER spoken to! He was able to answer all of my questions regarding particular piercing..

I went to Amy Ink Tattoo , Gurgaon Sector 17...after visitingg i can say Good and Clean work. Excellent knowledge of the art. .i went their at day time and over all it is been nice experience..

I told them I didn't want to go too short. I got an amazing look! Apart from their great haircuts their spa treatments are also too good..I'm really happy with 'EDEN WELLNESS'..I will always go back to EDEN.

any person suffering from alopecia should not be misguided by the fake claims made by dr. batra and richfeel. they just keep on charging the money and no results are obtained..So its better to visit the skin specialist and take the steroids treatment and minoxidil..

There comes a time in a guy's life and he looks in the mirror...and he discovers that he's no longer the 25-year old who didn't have to think about his skin...I'm really happy with Blue Spa..I will always go back to Blue.

I did a lot or research on permanent makeup before I decided to go to defence colony market..prices are incredibly reasonable, and after reading these reviews, I went for it.artist takes his time and is a total perfectionist;

I'm always afraid to try out a new place but after my usual salon was closed over New Years break, I opted to try this place. He worked on my hair and he was super sweet and did a great job. I came back a few months later and her work was great again. Love this place!

Perfect traveller hotel with clean modern rooms with all amenities. Wi fi works well. Located next to huge western style mall. Stayed over 1 night before international flight. About 40 min from airport. No hesitation coming back. Seemed a bit short staffed but pleasant non the less. .

My friend have had skin peels, microdermabrasions, and Treatment for lines and wrinkles in two areas in this clinic over the past few years. I have found them to be both professional and friendly at all times and could not fault the treatments in any way..This clinic is of the very highest of standards in every way.

artisst does great work and was awesome to talk to. All the guys in the shop are very personable . If you're looking to get a tat in malviya nagar I recommend you consider this shop!!

Bar Tenders and waiters are cool.The floor is open with some sofas without any kina dividers marking any teritory. Most visitors assume there's no one else in the room..Go a level higher and you'l get a shot of volume hitting the box BOOM BOOM BOOM..

Great shop, I like the work and I'll be going back for more!! Artist is perfect,reasonable and funny..i went and got my first tattoo few months back and i love it.. any more tattoos i get will be done here and no where else!!