SattyInk Ark is committed and is religiously working for the growth of Tattoo Art in delhi..Trusted place for permanent Tattoo in delhi ! Will have one more Tattoo from Sattyink soon ! !!! but ambiance was bit conjusted,merchant was good.. Services were very good.. I like it

I was very hesitant to get a tattoo but after having several people tell me how great they were I decided to give it a shot..If you are looking for a talented tattoo artist Ink Addict artist is the guy to go to. His work is fantastic, he is professional and is an amazing artist. I just recently got a tattoo in ink adict and was blown away by artist humble character (which is rare now a days) . artist took his time and answered ALL of my 1,000,000,000 questions. .

I had purchased the MyTVS breakdown assistance package for my vehicle a few months back...MYTVS senior officials have contacted me and provided a responsible response .Thanks MYTVS for the quick response to solve my problem. Hope you continue with the same service ...I Like this deal very much and shared with others to who also bought it

It is very near to the incredibly famous Wenger's in Connaught Place. I was there with a group of three others..Though quite overpriced, the Cheese and Olives pizza was good. They can get a better variety of drinks though..By far the best pizza in the city ...i just love it !! Actually We discovered this place after an evening of leisurely shopping at Palika.

Astrologer Trinandan Mishra presented a paper on marriage of three celebrities, their ups and downs and marital happiness..which has been applaud by the eminent astrologers of the country as well as abroad where he has been awarded as best speaker of the session ..I also availed his services few months back...His prediction was not exact...but at 57%...although satisfied with the services

The place is nice and calm. Should try out Mumbai cutting tea and colombian coffee...Trust me they have much wider options in the menu than ccd.. Overall its a nice place to enjoy an evening with ur loved ones. I would rate it 3.5/ is good and cheap... juices are good .....

The place is excellent, private beach simply stops you from visiting other nearby beaches. The resort was satisfied and the services were excellent, food was really great...The staff are friendly and views are stunning. .We saw a lot of western tourists (Ukranian) in the hotel...Satisfied with the rooms...Bathroom fixtures and maintenance were also good.

Infinite Ink is one of the long line of tattooists and piercers. It has some pretty stiff competition from long established studios, but this studio seems to have the best reputation amongst them..It's spacious and airy looking with the front of the shop completely glass with the shops logo across it. The waiting area is comfortable with couches and magazines and the staff are really friendly...thumbs up for that !one should really go for it once ... but yes there is still a long long way to go.. to become the best.!

Went here spur of the moment during the Spring. I was trying to go to Tattoo Revolution, but they were booked for the day when my friend and I got there. I'm glad that they were booked because this place is a lot nicer,..This tattoo shop is pretty cool. .they had a bunch of different tattoo magazines, and books showing off their artists work..Pricing was super cheap if you ask me, for my 2 tattoos that he had to re-ink, which are pretty small like 1-3 inches..very less

I joined VLCC Panvel for weight lose program.It really worked as I lost 5 kg in 3 mnths.They really encourage me which helped me to lose weight.They modify my life style which helped me a lot .brWorth. got new frnds!!!!Thing i liked about VLCC was the customized diet plan..i religiously stick to my diet and check my weight everyday like an anorexic on crack.

u ve good sought f designs ,, best f luck :) U guyzz are awesome yaar....So dedicated for tattoos....I love the way you design the tattoo.....friendly atmosphere and perfect artist.. I have already recommended to some of my friends..satisfied with the service.

Considering it is one of my preferred eat-out options in Dwarka...he decor is warm and welcoming; the service prompt and courteous.
Food was tasty and authentic...Been there last Sunday with family and had some lovely delicacies which were appreciated by the whole family members. Service was quick and that is with warmth. .Nice spacious ambiance. ..

It was my first time visiting the shop and it was a great experience. The environment of the shop is so nice. I got greeted right when i walked through the door..Amazing artist. The staff is all very nice and professional they all seem to work very well together. I love the look of the shop as well, it is super clean and has local artists work hanging on the walls..

I was only staying in Delhi for the weekend so I had a very short time to do sightseeing..The bus makes several stops at the major sightseeing locations. You get dropped off and you can catch the next scheduled bus...I was having a hard time finding the stop by the Saket mall, I called the helpline and he had the two tour people get off the bus and look for me. Talk about helpful!!! You probably wont be able to see everything if you go to every location but the price is unbeatable! Its a tenth of what my hotel was charging for a tour. The tour guides are also very enthustic and outgoing.. .

I joined Gold Gym for Rs. 18900 for one year of membership. They gave me 40% dicount. They have Cybex machines and infrastructure is good. Their trainers have professional approach and has no attitude..The dietician is too compementary for first time consultation...The cleanliness is all around in gym..The timimg is from 6am to 10pm. I like the environment because of discipline among trainers and members..

I actually like their cleanliness, atleast the one I visit is clean and tidy. Perfect place to chill out on a weekday evening with close friends. Since CCD is close to my place saket,.I also believe that they should come up with new kinds of beverages, cakes and desserts..maybe with a touch of creativity. .

Absolutely the bestest ice cream. A few of my favorites are mint chip, baseball nut, banana nut, eggnog, rocky road, jamoca almond fudge, jamoca coffee but mint chip is my all time favorite...My eyes light up at the sight of Baskin & Robbins iconic pink & brown stores!Luv me sum B&R!!