I can not imagine such a nice place to stay,Perfect location,The rooms are nicely appointed,Its a complete value for money,The services were prompt,Overall an excellent budget hotel,Wonderful Hospitality made our stay a pleasant and comfortable.Each reuest ordered by us was fulfilled in minutes..

It was nice,a good experience being there,I stayed here for two nights,Staff of the hotel was very poite and gentle and services feels like homely,The hotel was clean and extremely well presented,on the top of that the food was awesome,delicious and non-spicy..

According to me Eden Wellness is one of the best places in town to get a great haircut. They transform your dull hair into wow hair. My experience was a very good one. Their friendly staff suggested me the hair style best suited for my hair and face.

I have been going there for about 1 years now, off and on but always make it back there. I have pretty much had it all. A massage, facial, spray tan, body wrap and I am sure other things..I like this place. No doubt that I will be back.

I came to Amy a few months ago to get color in an outlined tattoo I had gotten 4 years earlier at another shop. I had seen the good reviews on website and I liked the look of their work on their website, so I decided to give it a try...After visisting i can say fantastic service...artist is a magician ...superb jobbb

Its accurate place to take ayurvedic treatment because very qualified MD Ayu. dr are available there who can treat chronic diseases with ayurvedic medicine & panchkarma. They can also treat all the anorectol problems with Ksharsutra satisfactorily..

The location, friendly, very attentive and helpful staff, price but above all cleansiness of the room and hotel. The breakfast was excellent too.. I would thoroughly recommend the hotel to anyone and would definitely stay there next time .

I love Blue Spa. I'm not willing to give in to aging...but I'm also not ready to shout from the rooftops about my "treatments". Blue Spa is a friendly, discreet medi-spa in the Valley that's perfect for guys.

The most amazing experience. Fantastic ambiance, the spa is cleanliness personified, soothing music, very warm and friendly staff and once you are made comfortable, you just surrender to the touch of expert hands..

Had some work done a while ago at a different tattoo place, but was not impressed with the outcome. Went to see the guys at Passion and made an appointment with artist at KalkaJi Delhi. Was stunned with the outcome. Highly recommended..

This place is justttt so great, it has yummy yummy yummy Chinese food....god what flavours and aroma. Also, not being that expensive place makes it a reason to visit the restaurant very often. Just loved the dinners I had here recently....quite far from where I stay (Gurgaon) but I'll surely find some reason time and again to visit here. .

For the first time in life I was impressed with the amount of accuracy this site has given me, specifically with timing events and the detailing in the forecast. Whatever they give, just happens with you..It happened to me in the last order that I placed on the site and my friend had the same experience too.

For Hair Loss its does not work at all. Please do not waste you money and more importantly, time. This is not only my experience i know at least 6 -7 people whom i know personally and did not get any results for Dr. Batra hair treatment..

I am very comfortable taking my car to Unique Auto. I started with just oil changes but as my car is getting older too it has needed serious work and the are very thorough with their repairs. Friendly staff and great service..

Arguably the best way to measure the quality of a massage would be to compare it with one you might get in Thailand. I was pleasantly surprised when Creme Spa scored right up there with the best in Thailand. In fact their signature message ( highly recommended) was better and more innovative than any I have had even in the Far East..

tattoo size was decent, services were good , I can still feel my tatto , it is not faded off till now......I already purchased more than 6 deals...and i referred many of my friends to this shop..i went their at day time and over all it is been nice experience.. I can say fantastic service...artist is a magician ...superb jobbb..

this is a great place to get tattooed. the over one week waiting list should be an indication as well. artist as cute as a button, but artist did an extremely high quality job in a short amount of time and for a VERY reasonable price.i have had my tattoo for less than 24 hours and i have gotten SOOO many ooohs and ahhhs over it... excellent job.

I've been twice for pedicures only and it is now my go-to place for nails. The staff is very professional and really "work on you," to give you the best possible results. My last pedicure, I was there for well over an hour (with no wait).
.The ambiance and decor is awesome.

Single night stay as part of business trip. Prompt check in and check out. Rooms are good with all modern amenities. Breakfast area (Mosaic) is somewhat small and the variety could definitely have been much better. Service was excellent..Overall, experience was short and sweet. Location next to the big mall is actually a bonus since you can go out and stroll inside with lot of eating/shopping options..

I have taken package for Laser from M/s. Vibes, Meera Bagh, but Vibes totally fails to provide any results. There was no supervisor to take care of requirements of the clients. There was no specific time / place for providing the laser session. My experience is very dull..