Mc Donalds changed the delievery styleWe were hungry after our long drive to conoor, most of the joints in ooty were not serviing food after 3:00 pm and we went in for dominos and it was crowded at 4:00 pm. Tip: Great pizza's but be ready for a long waiting queue to get hold
even though their product & the quality of the product is awesome.....

I am driving new Tata manza club class. even though i have a Fiero bike which is 9 years old. but the smoothness is good, milage is excellent, zero maintanence & zero noise after 9 years running.TVS is really trust worthy company which gives us the right valuable product which justify the cost of the right vehicle.

The latest VFR even has a dual-clutch transmission. However, the fifth generation was better looking and wasn't burdened with pointless technology; it is the best of the VFRs.
even when you drive this bike yopu feel that you are roadiee