Love the Cheese Burst

Dominos Pizza

I love dominos cheese burst pizza which makes them stand out in the pizza business. The newly introduced Lebanese rolls are also very good.

Himanshu Rao

Love the cakes of Slice of Italy

Slice of Italy

Apart from making very good pizzas, they bake really good cakes. I recommend their cakes to everyone. Very good taste and that too at a very good price.

Himanshu Rao

Love their Spicy Chicken Burger


The Spicy Chicken and Spicy Paneer burgers are tasty to die for. Love to visit McDonalds. Love their ice tea and cold coffee. The price is also very reasonable.


Tastiest Pizza Brand

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut knows how to make the tastiest Pizzas, pastas and garlic bread. I love their crown pizza. The quality of pizza bread and toppings is much better than other outlets. Love to eat out at Pizza Hut.