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Amargarh Fort

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1, Amargarh Fort, Tehsil Sapotra, Karauli, Rajasthan - 322218

The Amargarh Fort is situated on a hill top, overlooking the village of Amargarh in eastern Rajasthan. The fort is surrounded by forests and mountains and has panoramic views of distant ranges and vast green field of local crops.The fort was named Amargarh after Raja Amar Mal ji, an illustrious man with a great vision, under whose able guidance the fort was constructed almost 250 years ago. It was designed and decorated in such a way that one can relax and recuperate in a quiet and eco-friendly environment. Being one of the main Thikanas of Jadons, Raja Amar Mal ji and his descendants always held important positions in the royal court of Karauli, a state of Jadon rajputs. This clan of rajputs trace back their lineage to Lord Krishna and are chandravanshi i.e. descendants of the moon. Thankur sahib Ashok Singh ji has converted the fort into a hotel without changing its age old architectural and cultural values of the Rajput era. It is not irrelevant to mention here that Thakur Ashok Singh jis father Late Thakur sahib Dharam Chandra ji was the proprietor of one of the most famous shikar companies of the 1950s. He was an accomplished hunter and a great naturalist. His firm called Big & Small Game Hunting, was responsible for numerous successful photography and hunting expeditions. It was rated the best amongst the top ten agencies operating in India by its satisfied clients....

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Amargarh Fort

Amargarh Fort is a best place to stay in as it will take you back in ancient times. It has nice and well planned iteriors which will make you to get the feeling of period of king and emperors with its royale texture.