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Step Up Dance & Fitness Studio

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Lbs Marg, Bhandup West, Mumbai


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Step Up Dance & Fitness Studio

Bhandup West

When you join a studio for Zumba fitness the top priorities on your mind are - fitness, dance, fun and stress buster. However, becoming a fun element for the instructor himself is never on the list and that is exactly what happens with zumba instructor Gagan Singh Chauhan at step up. Getting physically intimate with students during the class and touching are some of the alarm signs. To top it all he picks and chooses female students to go out with him and that too not one at a time. As he tries on almost all the girls frm his class. Doing anything of this sort in his personal life is none of anyone's business but when the targets are the students frm his class then that's definitely threatening to the ones joining the classes. It is for this instructor that one should absolutely say no to joining step up. I really wonder how such sleazy heads get certified as zumba instructor.