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Xpose Tattoos

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3rd Floor, Crystal Palm, 22 Dodown, Jaipur, Rajasthan- 302001

Welcome to Xpose Tattoos Jaipur and Body Piercing. Most attractive and cost efficient Tattoos and Body Piercing available in Jaipur City. At Xpose Tattoos and Body Piercing, we consider ourselves to be artists. Yes, we can and do use sheets to create your work of art, but we feel confident in our ability to free hand at any time. This is left solely up to our clients. We have more than 5,000 tattoo reference sheets to assist you in your tattoo selection process.We specialize in the creation of highly detailed tattoos to provide our clients with a unique work of art that will magnify who they are. We can offer you a personalized touch that other tattoo shops cannot match. Whether you prefer a tattoo from one of our 5,000+ reference sheets, or a custom tattoo that requires free hand skills, we can create the tattoo you've been dreaming of! We provide color tattoos, black/grey tattoos and cover up tattoos, as well as Body Piercing. If you can imagine it, we can do it!All of our piercing and tattoo needles are single use only. Immediately after the procedure, they are disposed of in approved biohazard containers. All tattoo ink is drawn from single-service caps containing individual portions. The remainder is discarded after use with each tattoo. Any item that cannot be disposed of with each use (such as tattoo tubes, piercing clamps, and taper pins) is sterilized in an autoclave after Ultrasonic cleaning.Counter tops, tattoo/piercing chairs, and arm rests are thoroughly cleaned after each use with a broad spectrum germicidal solution.We are a group of friendly, highly talented, individuals who love their art and are motivated people who would love to meet and discuss body art and piercing ideas you might have about tattoos, or piercing's. Ask us about custom tattoos!...

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