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7797, Aarakashan Road, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi - 110055

For her it was the history that lead to the beginnings of civilisation? For him it was to feel of spirituality in every living creature. For all them the food in the North, East, South and West offered them a new taste at every journeys end. For you it can be whatever you wish and as every journey starts with a single step let this be yours. Who are Namaste? We are a small family company that has worked in the hospitality and tourism Industry for over 30 years. The only thing that matters to us is service, service, service. We know that even if you experience all of the many wondrous things that India has to offer you will feel saddened if the service we deliver falters at any stage. This, then, is our promise: we will ensure that all representatives of Namaste will quietly, efficiently and reliably deliver the best itinerary and support we possibly can. 'Namaste means many things to many people, but when spoken between us it means friend.' Anon. There are two things you must bring to India: the first is an open heart and the second is open mind, because what you'll see, hear and feel shall fill your soul with memories that'll last a life time. Coming to India is a unique experience. For some it's about the people's kindness shown by their uplifting smiles? For others it was walking through a diverse and beautiful landscape that took their breath away?...

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Travel Namaste

Beautiful lakes, grand palaces, historic monuments, vibrant bazaars, men flaunting stunning turbans and women clad in traditional Rajasthani attireecome home to Venice of east. Come home to Udaipur! Take a trip to the land that offers a plethora of amazing sights of national and religious importance.