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Shop No. 1, G-34, Kalkaji, New Delhi - 110019

Instapizza is all about providing fresh, high-quality and custom-made pizzas at incredible prices. It also offers fresh beverages, garlic bread, chicken wings and more. No frozen but only fresh and high quality ingredients are used to bring you delicious, cheesy and flavoursome pizzas, pasta etc. Also, you can create your own pizza with your choice of toppings, crust and cheese. So, visit now and enjoy mouthwatering fast food! ...

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Instapizzaaa,Took away my heart.<br>Best pizza till date.. heavy,heaven, jucilicious and what not. After seeing a update about Instapizza on a very famous Food review page.. i got so fascinated that i decided on the spot whr to go next. It's a welcome change frm the Dominos and Pizza hut. This place offers a varity of custom made pizzas. <br><br>So, after little hangout on a sunday evening we went to Instapizza in Kalkaji.<br>We ordered 'Monster Deep Dish' and chose our favourite toppings out of several options with extra cheese. The guy who was taking our ordered informed us that it will take 30-40 minutes, i was so excited that i didn't mind waiting that long. <br>Finally pizza got served on our table..OMG ...what a amazing taste...with all fresh vegetables and chicken fillings in it and it was superbly baked. Worth a wait... though it is a task to finish even a single slice but we enjoyed it like crazy.<br><br>I am so loving this place undoubtedly and got altrnative of typical Pizza joints. You made my day.&nbsp;<br>A big thumps up to Instapizza.



I was a bit skeptical of trying a new outlet for Pizzas, But to my surprise found out their 1kg pizza was out of the world. The pizza was literally of 1kg and also I got a free Garlic Bread by using Mydala coupon. Overall it's a must try.