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116 C, 3rd Floor, Behind UCO Bank, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi - 110059

Welcome to the Potbelly's world of Bihari food, a cuisine with a heritage of influences from the Mauryas, Bengal Nawabs, Buddhists, Jains, Turks and Mughals. Our Recipes have been handed down over several generations in our home in Muzzafarpur, characterized by the use of simple ingredients to create dishes that unite smoky aromas with rich rustic flavors. Mustard oil and panchforan (five seed: saunf, sarson, methi, ajwain and mangraila) are trademarks of Bihari cooking, often punctuated by a heady zing of smoked chilies. All of our Bihari menu items are plated Thali-style; each dish paired with breads and accompaniments to create a complete meal for one person. We hope you enjoy the food as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. ...

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Shahpur Jat

Flavors of Bihar. I am frm U.P and many Bihari Dishes are common there like my all time favorite Baati Chokha which is also known as Litti Chokha served with lentil (yellow daal with Tadka), mutton or chicken and with Chokha (Smashed patotoes, mixed with spices,oil).
I have always been a huge fan of bihari cuisine but never knew that there is a place in Delhi called Potbelly. Once i tried roadside Baati chokha and it wasn't a great experience though but thanks to one of my friend who suggested me this place and i am so grateful to her :) . Quirkey and colourful interiors in a very small and cozy place on the top floor. This place really look so pretty in the day light when you can see the lush greenery outside frm the window,decent staff,good service and overall super duper yummy authentic bihari food. Must try Litti Chokha (Speciality of this place),saboondana pakora basket,Poori Sabzi,bihari french fries.
Be Desi
Highly recommended place