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Ishaan Music College

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P – 19, Near Noida Stadium, Sector 12, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301

Are you passionate about music? Does a catchy tune make you want to sing along with it? If yes, then here is an amazing deal for you, a one stop destination to fulfill your latent wishes....

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Ishaan Music College

Sector 12, Noida

i was able to join ishaan sir only once, when I realized that they had started guitar lessons on weekends after much persuasion. Glad that I could join

Ishaan Music College

Sector 12, Noida

The teachers were excellent as was the atmosphere. Though they can be a little more flexible with their schedule

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Mydala rocks again!!

Mydala has been my one-stop destination since long before going out for meals, movies or anything such. And now for this too. Best institute, best deal!

Good deal

My dala gives us good deals in npida. I took the trial class in ishaan college and then joined full time. I see mydala before going to any new place. its very good and cheap


Good classes and teacher. I enjoyed my trial classes and joined regular. Good deal in Noida. My dala gives us good deal options in noida. I visit mydala before trying anything new

happy to see deal

i had learned dance at ishaan music college a few months back and i am very happy as a dance freak that by this deal more people can learn very good quality dance

bbest deal on mydala

i am very very regular on mydala and use most of the good deals in my area. i have also always wanted to learn guitar but fees upto 2000 has discouraged me. rs19 FOR 8 CLASSES PUSHED ME TO LEARN. thank you my dala

Amazing classes

I studied Vocal Music for 2 months at ishaan school, and the focus and balance on practical as well as theory was amazing. I learned a lot and that has helped me win many competitions, many of them where I was sent by ishaan school itself.