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HSR Fitness World

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2630, 27th Main, 1 Sector, Near Police Station, Hsr Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560102

In this era of fast paced life and unhealthy lifestyles, the first thing that gets affected is your health. HSR Fitness World is one place where you can find the mantra to stay healthy and in shape. It understands the needs of individuals, their lifestyles and problems faced. HSR Fitness World is one-stop gym for beating the flab that you accumulate while leading a sedentary life at office or at home. Moreover, if you are a fitness freak and have the urge to always stay in shape, you can join the sessions provided by them. So enroll today and get ready to experience a fit and healthy life!...

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HSR Fitness World

I have visited this place it was very nice.. They had lot of equipment to control our body.. The trainers are perfect in the duties. They instruct very well and lot of equipment to make a fit and slim...

HSR Fitness World

They have aerobics classes for men and women at different timings as separate batches. The aerobics class is worth trying. The instructor goes slow and steady on the instructions, so you should not feel very difficult to keep up in pace with the class.

HSR Fitness World

I have visited this place over a week last year. My previous employer had a tie up with HSR fitness world and we had a corporate membership. Not a great value for money place. Equipments are okay, but trainers are not present all the time of the day. If the gym timings fits you, this place might suit you.