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Saf Studio

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118, 2nd Floor, Next to Ramaiah Hospital, Opposite Mc Donalds, Above Arrow Showroom, Kousalya Complex, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560094

Aerobics is a form of exercise which has a great blend of rhythm, choreography and gymnastics. The art of aerobics has spread across the globe very rapidly since the time of its creation. Today aerobics is a popular form of exercise and it is being practiced in many dance institutes all over the world including Bangalore. The main aspects which help in deciding the quality of a dance institute are its approach and objective. At SAF Dance Studio, the main purpose of aerobics classes is to help you achieve great physical fitness while ensuring that you truly enjoy the process. Our approach is every student friendly and systematic as we truly believe in helping you enjoy and adapt to your workout regime so as to be able to get the most out of it. We are different but not merely for the sake of being one. Our goal since the very beginning is to be sensitive towards our member's need and fitness requirements. We are committed towards providing our members with the best fitness technologies and services that are above par compared to the industry standards. We listen and understand the member's requirement, and help them achieve their personalized goals in a channelized manner....

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Saf Studio

Saf studio was very good.. They teach each and everything from rock,western etc.. They will also teach religion type of dance and it is very useful to improve the dancing skill..

Saf Studio

Saf studio teaches both dancing and singing. I have some familiarity with dancing already and wanted to try my hand with learning some music and singing. I Joined Saf studio for the purpose of improving my singing skills. The guru here is very good at training the student in singing. Now i fast picking up singing lessons from Saf studio.