The Hotel has very nice rooms, large and spacious. the room service was polite and courteous. Front desk staff need to be more attentive and less indifferent to guests. Here all type of facility is available in affordable price. Here room service is so nice and staff member is so helpful.

Summit Norling Resort & Spa this is the heart of gangtok. it is specially designed with all luxurious services and more of them are not too much costly and you can easily affort. Here all food item is so tasty. Here room service is available .Beds are very clean and nice. Overall everything is fantastic.

Vibes Healthcare Ltd To create awareness against obesity, its very good that Vibes Health Care Limited.Their prices quotes looks huge by a considerable amount compared to a HiTech beauty clinic of same standards. Here various types of facility is available by expert. Here different service like Hair Cut, Head Massage, Hair Styling, Glow Facial and Waxing available in very low cost. All service is too good here.

My home town is coimbatore. The Lakshmi X-Ray clinic is the fore most choice that comes to any body's mind in coimbatore when looking for a clinical laboratory. Here all staff member is so expert. Here all types of checkup is available in resonable price. They are very talented and help us in everything.

Hotel Bari International is the famous place and here every room is attached with toilet. Here every food item is served by staff member in room to room. Here we get every thing cultural and nice.

Handpicked Gifts is the best restaurant in the city. It is in nice location. Food provided is too good and tasty. Here one gift item is necessary to any food item order by the customer. So it is the new type of place and nice.