Skin Sense has good kind of skin care solutions for acne, scar, wrinkles and even eczema or psoraises. The dermatologist here is really good, the treatments work wonders on your skin, they not only uproot your skin problems but also help you get good skin.

T A G Fitness Studio is not just about gym but it also imparts the knowledge about yoga. They have yoga sessions and the power yoga one is the best. The meditation session they conduct help us improve our concentration and keep calm, the gym is fantastic,well equipped and is full of good trainers.

My Dentist is a famous dental clinic. They have good equipment to treat even the most complicated form of oral problem, be it simple scaling and polishing or implant, they are best at all. The clinic is very neat and the doctor is very kind and helpful.

My cousin had got his teeth cleaned at Dental Pearls. The result was very satisfactory, his teeth had developed some kind of stains, may be coz of lack of brushing them well. The dentist at Dental Pearls got his teeth cleaned spic & span in a very short span of time and his teeth are now gleaming better than others, its been some months and the polish on his teeth seems to be intact.

Total Smile Care is a good place to get your teeth polished and to make your teeth sparkle with the right kind of handling. The dentist here are very good at stain removal and polishing the teeth, which helps you enhance your smile.

My experience of hair cut at Hut Of Cutz was quite good. I dont know about the rest of services here but they gave me a very satisfactory hair cut, the staff was good to me and did ask me to revisit and get hair spa done at Hut Of Cutz.

Sai Fitness Zone has been wisely designed to help you stay fit, with gym training under the guidance of learned trainers you are sure to get good results here. They help you shape your body they way you want.

SMILE CARE CLINIC not just offers dental treatments but also helps you beautify your teeth. be it tooth ache, gum problems or any cavity everything can be resolved here. they even help you get rid of stains on your teeth, align your teeth well and offer you the perfect smile that you would love to flaunt.

Club Prana Spa has a wide range of exotic and rich services to offer to the customers. there is nothing like the lavish and exclusive place they possess. They offer luxurious body spa and treatments. Its a beautiful experience to get a spa at Club Prana Spa.

Alifiya Beauty Salon & Spa is a well known beauty hub. They offer so many beauty treatments and spa services that you need not visit elsewhere. Thus making the beauty services available at one destination, they make your life convenient. They offer hair cut, hair spa, facial, wax, manicure, pedicure and almost all other essential beauty services.

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Spa is the real kerala style one. The staff here is keralite and they are so humble. The services they offer are really rejuvanating. The body massage therapy they perform with medicated and herbal oils make you free from your intense body stiffness and relive you of mental stress as well.

Club Oasis Spa offers relaxing spa treatments, which include head massage with aromatic oils and also complete body massage and foot reflexology which are very exotic and leave a longlasting effect on your body and mind. The services are offered by highly trained and humble professionals.

Brushup Spa & Salon has a good space and appealing ambiance. The provide extremely satisfactory services in both beauty and spa services. They offer head to toe treatments which include head massage, hair cut, facial, bleach, manicure, pedicure and a lot more. The staff is well trained and helping.

Bluez Salon and Spa has the best of deal which includes so many beauty services in a package which is a value for money. They are best at manicure and pedicure services, also the waxing they do doesnt hurt much, thats really the best part of this place. the staff is friendly and quick.

Anantaa Hair And Spa in Versoava offers an array of beauty services. They do have great deals and discounts as well. the hair spa and hair cut are the best here. Even the other treatments like fruit facial and clean up is done very efficiently by the beauticians here.

Thai Bliss Family Spa is a real blissful place to visit and enjoy the peace of getting a soothing body massage. The ambiance of this spa is very pleasing and makes you feel calm. The masseurs are very humble and they offer professional service.

Ozone Gym is an advanced gym center with hi-tech machinery and great ambiance making it suitable for active workout. The training the instructors give is very helpful, they discuss with you as to what do want to develop and then accordingly guide you. They also guide you choose the nutrition for your body and make you boost your stamina.

CutisPilus Wellness clinic for Skin & Hair Slimming is not just a beauty salon but a clinic to get rid of all your skin and hair related issues. From mere acne, pimples, scar and wrinkles to eczema, pigmentation, here all skin problems are treated. Its same for hair as well dandruff, hairfall and all such hair problems are treated here, That's not all laser hair removal, weight loss , figure correction, tummy tucks are also taken care of at CutisPilus Wellness clinic. its a splendid wellness clinic

La Nail and Hair Extensions has fantastic designs to be carved on your pretty nails, the staff here is very creative, they are full of ideas and implement the designs with so much grace on your nails, this is the best place to make your nails more beautiful with outstanding nail extensions.

Vous Medi Spa is a multi service place. Manicure,pedicure,clean-up,fish therapy,foot massage,bridal makeover and even groom makeover and there is a lot more than this avialable at Vous Medi Spa. they offer great treatments and will make you feel satisfied for any treatment any conduct on you.