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501,Brooklyn, Opposite Ashok Academy, Near Kamaths Club, Lokhandwala, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400053

Tattoos are one of the most famous from of body art well-known among every age group. Getting a Tattoo done reflects the personality of an individual. Tattoo Region is equipped with the latest advancements, instruments and a range of color and needle groupings enabling the artists to deliver an unforgettable tattoo experience for you. Take your pick from its large collection of unique designs and patterns all in a safe, clean and fun environment. The place is known for offering cost effective prices as well. ...

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Tattoo by Tattoo Region

Tattoo Region uFFFD has good artists , but not very good uFFFD service. I already have a tattoo so I know what goes into getting one done. The electricity went out uFFFD and I had to wait 20 min right in the middle of my session. It was a very so-so experience. I had hoped for better service.

Tattoo Region

it was good and I like the tattoo

Tattoo Region

it was good good and like the tattoo

Tattoo Region

i did not like the tatoo and the person was not experienced

Tattoo Region

it was nice,it was my first tattoo and was a good experience

Tattoo Region

it was very bad experience,I had called many times and they told me ki appoinment nahi hai

Tattoo Region

it was very nice,his behaviour was very good